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1.) »Regatta De Blanc« meets Sting (Tribute Sting and »The Police«) in der Schuhfabrik Ahlen

[…] kann, hat sich in diesen Jahren an fast alle Genres herangewagt: Ob Jazz, Country, Pop oder Rock – alles findet sich in seinen unzähligen Hits wie »Englishman in New York«, »Fragile«, »Set them free« oder »Fields of Gold« wieder. Und natürlich hat Sting mit »The Police« nicht nur seine Karriere begonnen, sondern mit dem unvergleichlichen Sound dieses Kulttrios auch Musikgeschichte geschrieben. Somit sind garantiert natürlich auch bei dieser Show alle »The Polic«-Kracher wie »So lonely« […] Weiterlesen

2.) Oxfam expert availability and photo opportunities at G20 Summit in Rome

[…] to guarantee equal access to COVID-19 vaccines globally, undoubtedly in part due to the different positions among the G20 leaders. The majority of them (lead by South Africa and India) are in favor of waiving the intellectual property rules and sharing technologies and know-how in order to ensure the increase in the production and make the doses of vaccines sufficient and affordable for all, while the UK, EU, Germany are blocking these proposals, and Italy holds an ambiguous position. Oxfam […] Weiterlesen

3.) Anzeige: Lesetipps für Gütersloh: Kitty O'Meara, »Und die Menschen blieben zu Hause«, Buch online bestellen, online kaufen

[…] gebraucht. Sie ermutigen uns dazu, überholte Denkmuster loszulassen, neue Lebensweisen zu erschaffen und dadurch mehr und mehr im Einklang mit uns selbst und unserer Umwelt zu leben. Zentrale Themen des Buches sind die Kraft der Kunst in schwierigen Zeiten und die große Bedeutung von Umweltschutz für uns und unseren Planeten. Zu Beginn gab es zahlreiche Fehlinformationen über die Urheberschaft des Gedichts. Es wurde zum Beispiel vermutet, es stamme aus der Zeit der Pest. Verbreitet war auch die […] Weiterlesen

4.) Stellantis und Factorial Energy entwickeln gemeinsam Festkörperbatterien für Elektrofahrzeuge

[…] to events and depend on circumstances that may or may not occur or exist in the future and, as such, undue reliance should not be placed on them. Actual results may differ materially from those expressed in forward-looking statements as a result of a variety of factors, including: the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the ability of Stellantis to launch new products successfully and to maintain vehicle shipment volumes; changes in the global financial markets, general economic environment and […] Weiterlesen

5.) Postulat von Christopher Shyer, UCLA, Berkeley, Department of Astronomy, zu einer Fünften Dimension

[…] would not change anything. But then it would be unclear what "rotation" actually means. A "rotation" has nothing to do with the three classic spatial dimensions, it is independent of them. It only has something to do with the "fourth dimension", with time. You might have to think of a "fifth dimension" here . .. which then represents the "rotation". Deutsch In der Quantenphysik spricht man vom »Spin 0«. Das heißt, dass ein »Teilchen« immer und aus jeder Richtung gleich »aussieht« (von […] Weiterlesen

6.) One explanation for supermassive black holes and the phenomenon of time and our big bang

[…] also arose - the "supermassive black holes" which, however, did not lead to "inflation" or "big bangs", but simply existed in front of them. Eine Erklärung für supermassive Schwarze Löcher und das Phänomen der Zeit Voraussetzung für alles ist die Logik. »Nichts« kann es nicht geben, nie gegeben haben. Denn »Nichts« zeichnet sich durch völlige Eigenschaftslosigkeit aus. Allein die Existenz wäre aber schon eine Eigenschaft. Daraus folgt: »Nichts« ist »Alles«. Und »Alles« ist »Nichts«. Bisher gab […] Weiterlesen

7.) Lesetipps für Gütersloh: New Book Offers Refreshing Alternative to Organized Religion

[…] to overcome adversity and build a rewarding and fulfilling life, and he is sharing his knowledge and wisdom with others to support them in creating the life of their dreams. To learn more, visit www. jesuswasacoach. com or www. coachmichaeltaylor. com; or connect with Taylor on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn at @coachmichaeltaylor; or on Twitter at @coachmichaelt. What if Jesus Were a Coach?  Publisher: Creation Publishing Group Release Date: December 2021 ISBN-13: 978-1-7366369-1-6 Available […] Weiterlesen

8.) Most popular female scents which are proven aphrodisiacs

[…] the most popular notes, taking into consideration both user rating of each scent and total number of votes, in order to find the average rating out of 5. Any scents not available in Fragrantica were omitted from the study. Subsequently, the top five highest rated designer fragrances to wear containing each of these aphrodisiac qualities were also analysed   to find out the most popular. All data was obtained by OnBuy Womens Perfume on 07/12/21 and is accurate as of then and subject to change […] Weiterlesen

9.) Das Kochen von Gulasch führt laut Emissionsstudie zu einem der größten CO2-Fußabdrücke in Europa

[…] our impact on the environment. COP26 highlighted the conversation on the relationship between our eating habits and our carbon footprints, but are there meals with a carbon footprint so harmful that we should be avoiding them altogether?Considering a continental lens of various eating habits and cultural traditions, Uswitch. com sought to uncover which popular European meals had the greatest impact on our climate. By using online tool Ahrefs to determine each country’s most popular meal […] Weiterlesen

10.) Climate-Tech Startup Inovues Raises $2.75M to Help Decarbonize Buildings

[…] double-pane windows—found in over 50 percent of all existing buildings—into high-performing multi-pane systems without removing or replacing any of their components, enabling them to incorporate the latest advancements in architectural glass. The non-invasive, overglaze retrofits improve window performance by up to 10-fold, reducing energy consumption by up to 40 percent while also increasing occupants' thermal and acoustic comfort, among many other benefits. "Our mission is to help cities […] Weiterlesen

11.) Gütersloh: Wien, eine Ausstellung, Malerei und Zeichnungen

[…] eine Ausstellung, Malerei und Zeichnungen Malerei und Zeichnungen von Andreas Wilhelm Wien. »Unblinking eyes sometimes glittering like a lake, surrounded by circles or broad shadows invite us to immerse into them and forget what we have seen so far which is enigmatic and irritating. «»Und dann unverwandt blickende Augen, die umgeben von Kreisen oder breiten Schattenflächen manches Mal glitzernd da liegen wie ein See und einladen, sich in ihnen zu versenken und das bisher Gesehene, das […] Weiterlesen

12.) Campari brings Red Passion to life in new inspirational digital campaign

[…] recognising the force that lives inside them, and embracing the challenge to give it shape in the path to creation. Since its birth in 1860, Campari has been a source of passionate inspiration, thanks to a history as rich and deep as the liquid itself, seen through its founders’ creative genius. Campari has not only inspired passion in bartenders across the world to create iconic masterpieces at the forefront of cocktail culture, such as the Negroni and the Americano, but also through art and […] Weiterlesen

13.) Juventus and Azzurri Star Federico Chiesa Announces Genesis NFT Drop With Kreation on 29 Dec 2021

[…] in the art / crypto space by HOFA Gallery. It will bring NFTs before a global audience, and make it accessible for investors of all kinds to join in collecting them. The platform will harness cutting-edge technology for security and authentication, while also utilising the blockchain's automation for rapid, secure efficient sales and settlements. HOFA also launches an original cryptocurrency called Artem Coin (ARTM) on 28 December 2021, which will enable liquidity and incentives for […] Weiterlesen

14.) Gesamte Belegschaft eines McDonald's Restaurants in England kündigt während einer Schicht

[…] um ihre Mitarbeiter. «»everyone saying good for them. I hope it is recognized that they have poor work ethic. If you leave a business like this, you are unprofessional« …»Because people are fed up with the rich getting richer off our backs and nothing for us so good job« …»good for you! McDonald's was my first job and never again« …»Happened at my local McDonalds bc somebody asked for a raise and the manager told them to write a 3 page essay on why they should get a raise« …»someone’s […] Weiterlesen

15.) Schwarze Löcher, Supermassiv, Hypermassiv, Saatlöcher, Hypomassiv – Black Holes, Supermassive, Hypermassive, Seed Holes, Hypomassive

[…] in our universe only one universe - ours. That means: quanta are also black holes, if you will. What do you want to call them? Micro black holes? No. You know them. Maybe "Submicro" or "Hypomassive“ . .. they’re no "black« holes, though, theyre just "holes". Matter is "holes". Quants are "holes". And the "dark energy" responsible for the expansion of our universe is simply the phenomenology of probability. There can be universes that are expanding faster and faster, so there are and we are in […] Weiterlesen

16.) Bäckerhefe Saccharomyces cerevisiae ist Mikrobe des Jahres 2022

[…] This similarity to humans makes them an ideal research object. As small “cell factories”, they produce medicines and raw materials on an industrial scale. This microorganism, important for our tasty delight and sustainable production, was chosen by the Association for General and Applied Microbiology (VAAM) as Microbe of the Year 2022. “Sugar fungus of beer” is the translation of the Latin name Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The Microbe of the Year 2022 is a great brewer, although it is so tiny that […] Weiterlesen

17.) What’s the Difference Between a Refinance and a Cash-Out Refi?

[…] is larger than your mortgage and have access to the difference in cash.  Homeowners usually find a mortgage refinance from Discover or another lender to be a worthwhile option when doing so will help them save money in the long run and/or reduce their monthly bills.   What is a cash-out refinance vs a home equity loan? A cash-out refinance and a home equity loan have a number of similarities. Both loan types can be used to upgrade your home, use your home as collateral, and the amount you can […] Weiterlesen

18.) Why SMS Is So Essential to Recruitment Companies All Over The World

[…] or they are unable to answer their phone, you’ll drop out to your competitors. SMS will allow you to discreetly send a text message to your candidate informing them of the vacancy. You could possibly even involve a link to a mobile website, allowing them to view the information with the vacancy from their phone. Lack of candidate loyalty to recruitment agencies. Typically it really is the agency who can obtain a position for the candidate initial that should safe the candidate’s loyalty. So if […] Weiterlesen

19.) Author D. L. Crager’s New Audiobook “Journey of the Hidden” is a Powerful Coming-of-Age Journey Through the Perilous Amazon, Where Danger Lurks at Every Corner

[…] Shana, a young girl he meets along the way, as they face many surprising and life-threatening situations throughout the long and tiring journey, naturally causing them to grow close and mature, becoming adults. Nearing the end as they get close to the hidden valley, the two struggle to make it as they encounter a substantial obstacle that could change the course of everything.  Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Journey of the Hidden” by D. L. Crager through Audible, the Apple […] Weiterlesen

20.) Three Big Announcements From Bluetti at CES 2022

[…] its thinking-forward solar energy facility collections at CES 2022, including the world’s first sodium-ion solar generator — NA300 and much-anticipated AC & EB series of power stations. Here’s a dive into them … 1. The Next Generation of Energy Storage: Sodium-ion Battery Bluetti NA300 is gonna start the revolution of energy storage systems. Beginning with its 3,000W pure sine wave inverter and 3,000Wh capacity, it can juice up most electric appliances in the market. And it feels similar to […] Weiterlesen

21.) Bosch Tech Compass: 72 percent believe that technology makes the world a better place

[…] with 34 percent. Teleportation also has a few fans in the U. K. (27 percent), the U. S. (20 percent), and India (10 percent). Despite respondents being given free rein to daydream, teleportation was not at the top of anyone’s wish list. In first place with 56 percent was the considerably more mundane human-controlled car, followed by planes (40 percent) and trains (32 percent). About the survey For this study, people aged 18 and over were surveyed online in five countries (China, Germany […] Weiterlesen

22.) Shaquille O’Neal Takes on Big Game Weekend in Los Angeles With Shaq’s Fun House Presented by FTX Friday, February 11, 2022

[…] of all kinds to venture into the Pepsi Stronger Together Speakeasy where a renowned mixologist will have them saying that’s what I like. “Shaq has been an incredible and supportive partner of Pepsi Stronger Together and we’re thrilled to be teaming up with him again to give back to our communities while celebrating one of the biggest weekends in sports and entertainment”, said Derek Lewis, President, South Division, PepsiCo Beverages North America (PBNA). Thanks to ZipRecruiter, people […] Weiterlesen

23.) Anzeige: Hörbuchtipps für Gütersloh, Laurie C. Grant, “The Tale of Walter Mittens”

[…] a stirring and uplifting tale of one cat’s journey for love and safety. “As the story goes with kittens, they grow up. After they grow up, people sometimes lose interest in them, because they aren’t as cute as they are when they were little, and they decide that they don’t want a full-grown cat”, Grant writes. “Just imagine for one moment how you would feel if everyone wanted you when you were a baby, but after you got bigger, no one wanted you around anymore! Oh, how sad you would be! Such was […] Weiterlesen

24.) FIght for Veterans 2022, Two (2) Day Live Streaming NFT Social Arts Exhibition And Auction Produced by Royster Is Rescheduled For February 2022 Due To Alarming Covid 19 Concerns

[…] are willing to take the stage and show their heartfelt admiration for our Veterans. An incredible lineup of world champion exhibition fighters, and professional fighters. In addition to our event partner Roy Jones Jr. , the Fight for Veterans 2022 has received interest and commitments from great boxing legends such as Antonio Tarver, Evander Holyfield Jr. , David Moore, and Riddick Bowe, in addition to special performances by NBA star Nick Young and former TMZ Van Latham to name a few. Combined […] Weiterlesen

25.) A rare Pokémon card recently fetched an astonishing € 333,000 at auction, proving that idle items lying around the house could be worth more than we think

[…] being in last (13th) place, postcards are still worth a median price of € 176. 55 on eBay. This value makes them potentially profitable, considering that they are relatively cheap to purchase first-hand. Salman Haqqi, finance expert athttps://www. money. co. uk/share-dealing. htm , provides his tips on maximising the return on collectables if you want to sell yours …“Determine your desired return—the only way you’ll know how much to sell an item for is by comparing it with others. Research what […] Weiterlesen

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