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1.) Anzeige: Lesetipps für Gütersloh, Hasnain Kazim, Post von Karlheinz

[…] mainly to fuck and die, their polite facial expressions: paper-thin masks, desperately held tight against the screaming chaos beneath«. Und wenn man mal ehrlich ist: Irgendwie freut man sich ja auch über Kommentare, egal, was für welche. Man will Interaktion, sonst würde man nichts von sich geben. Darauf fußt das »Internet 2. 0«. Natürlich mag man am liebsten Lob. Wer mag das nicht? Ich hinterfrage jedoch auch Lob. Und es macht ja auch Spaß, sich aufzuregen. Zumal wir Menschen […] Weiterlesen

2.) Oxfam: »Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index«

[…] vaccine inequity will bring the inequality crisis to levels never reached before, reveals new index. West African governments are planning to “slash and burn” their way out of Covid-19 induced economic loss, reveals new analysis from Oxfam and »Development Finance International« (»DFI«) today. The organizations are calling for an urgent change of course as West African governments are preparing their annual budgets and participating in the Annual Meetings of the World Bank and IMF, which are […] Weiterlesen

3.) Stellantis and Samsung SDI to Form Joint Venture for Lithium-Ion Battery Production in North America

[…] to start in 2025 Amsterdam, October 22, 2021. Stellantis N. V. (NYSE, MTA, Euronext Paris: STLA) and Samsung SDI today announced that their companies have entered into a memorandum of understanding to form a joint venture to produce battery cells and modules for North America. Targeted to start in 2025, the plant aims to have an initial annual production capacity of 23 gigawatt hours, with the ability to increase up to 40 gigawatt hours in the future. »With the forthcoming battery plants coming […] Weiterlesen

4.) Oxfam expert availability and photo opportunities at G20 Summit in Rome

[…] to the proposed waiver of the »TRIPS«-Agreement at the World Trade Organization. Demand, and use all their legal and policy tools to require pharmaceutical corporations to share Covid-19 data, know-how, and technology with the Covid-19 Technology Access Pool and WHO-»South Africa mRNA Technology Transfer Hub«. Invest in decentralized manufacturing hubs worldwide to move from a world of vaccine monopolies and scarcity to one of vaccine sufficiency and equity in which developing countries have […] Weiterlesen

5.) Mick Flannery im KGB, Dienstag, 30. November 2021

[…] 10th, 2021. 'In the Game' hit the No. 2 spot in the Official Irish Album Chart, After a closely fought battle for the top spot with Drake, the pair knocked Metallica out of the No. 2 spot and charted ahead of Kanye West’s Donda and Olivia Rodrigo’s »Sour«.  They've continued to stay in the Top 20 for 5 weeks since release, with a record that is going from strength to strength. Just back from an extensive U. S tour, where Mick & Susan were personally invited by Phoebe Bridgers […] Weiterlesen

6.) Stellantis und Factorial Energy entwickeln gemeinsam Festkörperbatterien für Elektrofahrzeuge

[…] Rather, they are based on Stellantis’ current state of knowledge, future expectations and projections about future events and are by their nature, subject to inherent risks and uncertainties. They relate to events and depend on circumstances that may or may not occur or exist in the future and, as such, undue reliance should not be placed on them. Actual results may differ materially from those expressed in forward-looking statements as a result of a variety of factors, including: the impact of […] Weiterlesen

7.) Frankfurt unter den europäischen Städten am meisten von Weihnachtsbeleuchtung besessen

[…] unter den europäischen Städten am meisten von Weihnachtsbeleuchtung besessen In first place as the city that uses the most energy through their Christmas lights during Christmas is Milan. With a whopping 69. 25 percent increase in the brightness of the city at night-time, it is clear that December festivities are running high in Italy’s fashion capital. Despite recording the highest increase in energy usage overall, the Italian city comes second to Athens in average brightness during the month […] Weiterlesen

8.) Anzeige: Lesetipps für Gütersloh, »Tis the Season to Overcome Crises of Faith«

[…] with their faith intact while others give up on God, the church and holy living?“Walking through each crisis—while purposefully maintaining our faith—is the key to emerging from the crisis with our faith still vibrant and alive,” Williams said. “ God’s Me, Myself, and Ioffers the key components to maintain one’s faith when going through crises. ”Roland Williams is originally from Mississippi. He is a former Trinitarian pastor, adult Sunday school teacher, retired chef, abstract artist […] Weiterlesen

9.) Kraft Heinz Announces Agreement to Acquire Majority Stake in Just Spices – a Technology-Enabled Direct-to-Consumer Business

[…] presence in traditional offline food retail sectors. Just Spices inspires a growing consumer base to refine their own dishes and become creative in the kitchen. In 2018 the spice manufacturer also launched the »Just Spices« in minutes »fix« meal kits category and in 2020 they launched their salad dressing range online and in retail trade. With numerous »fix« meal preparations, the company has been setting new standards for the fast and easy preparation of modern dishes in everyday life. The […] Weiterlesen

10.) Rally Symphony Monaco Watch, like a real racing engine made of steel and aluminum

[…] designed 12 cylinder engine dials and racing flag hands shine. Each winner wears their trophy on the back of the glass. The exclusive limited edition of 500 pieces is provided with matching numbers and an engraved signature by the master. The designer watch is not only suitable for the safe but also for everyday use. A real collector's item for motorsport enthusiasts! The handcrafted series is also available with sculptures in Formula 1 design on the left and right flanks and with a cube […] Weiterlesen

11.) Nachhaltige Anbautechniken in Südafrika produzieren hochwertige natürliche Rosinen

[…] raisins being dried in this way, which also results in a higher quality product. Naturally sun-dried grapes from South Africa are available in many varieties, including Thompson, Flame and the Jumbo Golden. South Africa is the only country in the world to commercially produce Jumbo Golden raisins. The SA Sultana is one of South Africa’s newer premium raisin varieties that is a completely natural product. Its competitive price, attractive lighter colour and natural sweetness give it an advantage […] Weiterlesen

12.) Lesetipps für Gütersloh: New Book Offers Refreshing Alternative to Organized Religion

[…] on spirituality to inspire everyone to connect with a higher power. Stafford, TX, Dec. 13, 2021 — Texas Life Coach Michael Taylor has thrown a lifeline to individuals looking to kickstart their spiritual journeys and self-discovery in his new book, What if Jesus Were a Coach?“There are many people who are hesitant to pursue their spiritual journeys because of strict religious doctrines surrounding Christianity that don’t coincide with their personal views,” Taylor said. Data released from the […] Weiterlesen

13.) Most popular female scents which are proven aphrodisiacs

[…] common perfume notes that increase sexual tension.  After analysing the scents deemed to have the best aphrodisiac qualities, they compared their relative popularity on the perfume website  Fragrantica  to determine which notes were most likely to set hearts racing. Most popular female scents which are proven aphrodisiacs RankingScentAverage rating on Fragrantica (out of five) 1Pumpkin4. 232Cinnamon4. 05  = 2Champaca4. 053Vanilla4. 024Ambrette (Musk Mallow)4. 01=4Lavender4 […] Weiterlesen

14.) Lesetipps für Gütersloh: Alan Davey, »Walking the Line«

[…] the late artist, teacher and musician, Joy Kim. While leafing through a collection from her final exhibition, “Have You Walked in My Shoes?”, Davey was inspired to include some of her oil pastel drawings of shoes, boots, and slippers in his book to represent the disciples who embrace Jesus’ imperatives in the everyday of their lives. For more information, please visitwww. daveybooks. com , or connect with Davey atmedia@daveybooks. com . Available from Amazon. com, BN. com and wipfandstock. com […] Weiterlesen

15.) Tiertime Announces Launch of Cetus2: Revolutionary 3D Printer With On-the-Fly Material Switching

[…] saving feature has never before been possible with traditional FDM 3D printers and opens a new world of creativity for users. This exciting new product is perfect for makers and professionals who wish to elevate their 3D printing efficiency and creativity. Cetus2 is available now. Learn more here. Cetus2 is able to seamlessly switch between two materials and colors on the fly for multi-color and multi-material 3D printing. There is no need to stop printing during the switch. Composite materials […] Weiterlesen

16.) Das Kochen von Gulasch führt laut Emissionsstudie zu einem der größten CO2-Fußabdrücke in Europa

[…] to uncover which popular European meals had the greatest impact on our climate. By using online tool Ahrefs to determine each country’s most popular meal according to monthly Google searches, and calculating their respective carbon footprints with the My Emissions Food Carbon Footprint Calculator, they can now reveal all!Uswitch. com can reveal that Bulgarian Moussaka leaves the greatest carbon footprint of the most popular meals across Europe, emitting an esimtaed 12,000 grams of carbonper […] Weiterlesen

17.) The Christmas movie emitting the most CO2 in Germany

[…] emitting the most CO2 to encourage Christmas film lovers to reduce their streaming carbon footprint. The top 10 Christmas films emitting the most CO2 per viewing  Christmas filmYear ReleasedTotal Duration (minutes) Estimated Emissions per Viewing (C02g) *1 The Holiday2006138126. 50 2 It's A Wonderful Life1946130119. 17 3 Love Actually2003129118. 25 4 The Best Man Holiday2013123112. 75 5 Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey2020122111. 83 6 White Christmas1954120110. 00 7 Fred Claus2007116106 […] Weiterlesen

18.) Climate-Tech Startup Inovues Raises $2.75M to Help Decarbonize Buildings

[…] transform single- and low-performing double-pane windows—found in over 50 percent of all existing buildings—into high-performing multi-pane systems without removing or replacing any of their components, enabling them to incorporate the latest advancements in architectural glass. The non-invasive, overglaze retrofits improve window performance by up to 10-fold, reducing energy consumption by up to 40 percent while also increasing occupants' thermal and acoustic comfort, among many other […] Weiterlesen

19.) Delivery Hero scales down foodpanda Germany to a Berlin-based innovation hub and announces the planned divestiture of foodpanda Japan

[…] from scratch makes me genuinely proud, and we will do everything we can to support our fellow Heroes on their journey ahead. Niklas Östberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Delivery Hero, Transforming German operations to an innovation hub in central Berlin foodpanda was launched in Germany this summer to bring Delivery Hero’s product closer to employees working in the Berlin headquarters. Following a successful pilot phase in Berlin, operations expanded quickly to additional cities. However, since […] Weiterlesen

20.) Tom Cruise was one of the many celebrities who sold a home in 2021

[…] star has been buying, restyling and reselling some fabulous California homes for many years. He recently sold his stunning Century City condo in LA for $21. 6 million - the most expensive condo sale in Los Angeles since at least 2015. 7. ) Matt Damon Sells Quick After $3 Million Price Cut Bidding farewell to Los Angeles, Matt Damon listed his Zen-inspired Pacific Palisades mansion for sale in early 2021 for $21 million. With no takers, Matt reduced the price to $17. 9 million, and it sold in a […] Weiterlesen

21.) Lesetipps für Gütersloh: »Walking the Line«, New Book Illuminates a Path Toward Awareness, Joy and Spiritual Authenticity

[…] to include some of her oil pastel drawings of shoes, boots, and slippers in his book to represent the disciples who embrace Jesus’ imperatives in the everyday of their lives. For more information, please visitwww. daveybooks. com , or connect with Davey atmedia@daveybooks. com . »Walking the Line: Embracing the Imperatives of Jesus« Publisher Wipf & StockISBN-10 1725290340ISBN-13 978-1725290341Available from Amazon. com, BN. com and wipfandstock. comTo view a recent, brief video blog of his […] Weiterlesen

22.) Campari brings Red Passion to life in new inspirational digital campaign

[…] Red Passion come alive as the protagonists leave their comfort zone, transforming their passion into an outstanding creation. The content invites the audience to discover their own Red Passion, recognising the force that lives inside them, and embracing the challenge to give it shape in the path to creation. Since its birth in 1860, Campari has been a source of passionate inspiration, thanks to a history as rich and deep as the liquid itself, seen through its founders’ creative genius. Campari […] Weiterlesen

23.) Juventus and Azzurri Star Federico Chiesa Announces Genesis NFT Drop With Kreation on 29 Dec 2021

[…] for digital sport & entertainment art collectibles London, December 24, 2021Today a new and ground-breaking NFT platform, Kreation. io (built on the Solana Blockchain), announces their forthcoming launch featuring a unique collaboration with Juventus and Azzurri football star, Federico Chiesa. A rare and collectible NFT designed by Chiesa and inspired by his experiences and victory of the recent European Championship (EURO 2020) will be auctioned on the Kreation platform on 29 December 2021 […] Weiterlesen

24.) Anzeige: Author Richard L. Gibson's New Audiobook “Healing the Circle” is a Compelling Tale of Love and Respect for a Peaceful People Living in Absolute Harmony With the Earth

[…] L. Gibson is a captivating novel introducing Bren, born on the plains of the North American continent, and coming of age as he meets Sara, a golden-haired young woman with a love of wolves and the natural world. Their families unite in stewardship of their community, their culture, and their environment. West Yellowstone, Mont. , December 24, 2021Richard L. Gibson, a veteran officer who served a tour of duty in the U. S. Army, a year in the National Guard as a military police officer, and 26 […] Weiterlesen

25.) Corona: Laut einer Studie aus England berichten Infizierte über ein neues Omikron-Symptom

[…] understanding of the very different symptoms the virus causes in different people. We are also studying the way that risks vary between individuals because of their own personal characteristics. Visit the News and Research section to read about the research, listen to webinars, and read the academic papers that are being produced entirely because of your contributions. « ‍ This research is led by Professor Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London and […] Weiterlesen

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