Yadea Officially Launches Its Full Range of Products in Spain

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Yadea Officially Launches Its Full Range of Products in Spain
Yadea held launch event at Madrid City Hall to announce its expansion into the Spanish market. Credit: Yadea

Yadea Officially Launches Its Full Range of Products in Spain

Yadea officially announced its expansion into the Spanish market after the world’s leading electric two-wheeler brand held a successful high-profile launch event at Madrid City Hall on June 21.

Yadea held a launch event at Madrid City Hall to announce its expansion into the Spanish market

“With our expansion into this new market, we are delighted to bring even more green mobility solutions to the people of Spain”, said Yadea Europe CEO Aska Zeng. “As Yadea’s business gains even greater prominence on an international level, we hope that more people around the world will embrace our #ElectrifyYourLife philosophy and live more sustainably.”

“Madrid attaches great importance to environmental protection”, commented Borja Carabante, city councilor for Environment and Mobility. “It is with great pleasure that we welcome Yadea to our beautiful city.”

Under the theme #YADEATakestheCity, the event showcased the full range of Yadea products and featured the local premiere of VFLY F200 series. F200 boasts the industry’s first application of a 10KW wheel-side motor. By employing precise algorithmic controls, the motor maximizes energy efficiency, ensuring a powerful and consistent ride with uninterrupted acceleration. Its battery system comes equipped with an ATL long-range automotive-grade high-voltage lithium-ion cell, which can be fully charged in four to five hours thanks to 1,000W 12A fast charging support.

Safety is also paramount for Yadea and F200 is no different. The line is equipped with large-diameter semi-hot melt tires based on the model’s driving parameters. The high-performance wheels allow for high-speed (front 110/70-14, rear 130/70-13) and they can adapt to changing road conditions for a better riding experience.

As a pioneer in the field of electric two-wheelers, entering the Spanish market is an essential step for Yadea to bring cutting-edge green mobility products to users in Europe. Powered by investment in two CNAS laboratories, six technology R&D centers, and one industrial design technology center, Yadea will continue to make innovative breakthroughs to bring new environmentally-friendly mobility solutions to market in a host of countries around the world.

Yadea Unveils the Guanneng 3 with Breakthrough Long Battery Life

On June 28, Yadea launched its latest offering in the popular Guanneng range globally, which represents a new generation of long-range, intelligent electric vehicles and features breakthrough long-lasting battery technology.

“Featuring outstanding range and performance, the Guanneng 3 is an important addition to the comprehensive Yadea product suite and will play an integral part in the brand’s development moving forwards”, said Edward Vlutters, the Vice General Manager of Yadea Europe.

With the official launch of the Guanneng 3, designed and engineered in collaboration with industry leaders, it is expected to continue the reputation of the Guanneng range as being a market leader.

Since first launching in 2020, the Guanneng series has been a testament to the company’s commitment to quality excellence for both battery life and power. The internal R & D team of 1,000 strong led the development of integrating automative-grade concepts, battery, charging, motor upgrades, and electronic control configuration, and are the first in the industry to use graphene in batteries. The Guanneng series recorded sales of over 3 million throughout 2021, with a total of over 7 million in sales to date.

Guanneng’s Key Technology Breakthroughs Updates

At the Guanneng 3 launch event, Yadea also released details of key technology breakthroughs, including the world’s first TTFAR 3.0, with a leading TTFAR intelligent driving electronic control core, temperature-sensing charger, gallium nitride charger, and TTFAR motor range extension system.

Yadea demonstrated the industry’s first TTFAR graphene 3rd generation batteries, with 30% more power than previous-generation lead-acid batteries, and TTFAR carbon fiber 2.0 lithium battery which utilizes carbon nano fiber material to improve energy density for more efficient conduction and a super large capacity.

Additionally, the company showed off four major system upgrades of the Yadea Smart Lamp for unparalleled nighttime illumination, TTFAR anti-skid tires, and an expert self-balancing system ensuring the center of gravity remains in the center of the vehicle, and smart unlock, enabling a safer and more convenient riding experience. 

More in July

As a global electric vehicle powerhouse, Yadea places the highest standards on new product releases. The company is committed to extensive product research and development in the pursuit of creating riding experiences that satisfy all users.

Moving forward, the company will be participating in the Euro Bike exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, in July to share the marvel of China’s intelligent manufacturing with the world.

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