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1.) FloBeds Announces 25th Anniversary of Delivering Dreams via Internet, Sleep Direct to Your Doorstep

[…] Announces 25th Anniversary of Delivering Dreams via Internet, Sleep Direct to Your Doorstep Fort Bragg, California, January 1, 2022FloBeds celebrates twenty-five years of delivering sleep and customized latex mattresses through its website: FloBeds. com. Through snow, rain, heat, gloom of night or pandemic, the Dream Team at FloBeds has been delivering natural latex mattresses designed for each sleeper. Recognizing the need for beauty and sleep, FloBeds use some of its pandemic time to develop […] Weiterlesen

2.) Custom Keychains by Vograce, China

[…] exquisite and cost-effective. Vograce […] Weiterlesen

3.) Local Helena Chiropractor Gives Life Back to Military Veteran

[…] and subluxations—a chiropractic term referring to misalignment in the skeletal system and joints. With Mike’s eager participation, Dr. Smith began a customized chiropractic protocol to begin resolving the imbalances in Mike’s body, which appeared deceptively healthy at a glance. “People don’t realize it, but appearance doesn’t dictate your health”, Dr. Smith explains. “You can be the most active, fittest-looking person in the room - that has little to do with your internal wellness. ”After a […] Weiterlesen

4.) 6 Reasons Istanbul is Perfect Destination for Incentive Travel

[…] We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs; meetings and events, incentives, conferences, venue sourcing, meal planning, excursions and tours, team building activities, logistics and incoming travel services in Istanbul. We guarantee satisfaction and superb value for money for your next event/trip in Istanbul. You can depend on Oskar Tours to organize all the services you need and all you have to do is to get in touch with us now and get ready for a pleasant surprise. www. oskartours […] Weiterlesen

5.) Kino Gütersloh, The Batman, es ist nicht nur ein Zeichen, es ist eine Warnung, Trailer Video

[…] under the arms. Dillon’s design featured a lining inside the cape that Batman is able to flick out, so it opens up. “He’s able to put his arms through, zip it up and then jump off the building”, says Dillon. The film’s visual effects supervisor, Dan Lemmon, says of the wingsuit: “There are always gadgets in Batman movies that allow him to step off the edge of a building and glide down to safety. That presented a bit of a problem in this movie, where we were trying to be realistic and grounded […] Weiterlesen

6.) INNTQ announces Roco, the world’s first interactive roller coaster experience

[…] announces Roco, the world’s first interactive roller coaster experienceWith its one-of-a-kind customized rides and a unique plug-and-play design, Roco is built to delight riders and venue operators alike. Älmhult, 10th of March, 2022Swedish tech company INNTQ is proud to announce Roco, the world’s first interactive roller coaster experience. Designed to bring the thrill of the amusement park to shopping centers and transit hubs, Roco is more than just a crowd-pleasing simulation. “Roco is […] Weiterlesen

7.) Using Ultrasound to Treat Dry Eye Disease

[…] applications. However, the ability of ultrasound to normalize meibomian gland dysfunction has not been investigated.  In this study, Dr. Zhang-Nunes and colleagues tested the ability of a customized, line-focused ultrasonic transducer to normalize meibomian gland dysfunction in rabbits. Ultrasound treatment improved tear secretion and lipid layer thickness. Positive effects persisted for three weeks and no serious adverse events were observed. These results suggest that ultrasound stimulation […] Weiterlesen

8.) The Yanmar Group headquarters, the Yanmar Flying Y building is targeting zero-emissions

[…] ELEO Technologies, a fast-growing battery technology company based in Helmond, the Netherlands will further Yanmar’s electrified powertrain capabilities with versatile, customized solutions for off-road applications. Yanmar has revealed its first electric mini excavator prototype: the new SV17e. The SV17e prototype is a clear demonstration of Yanmar’s intent to build a sustainable business for our customers and dealer partners. Long recognized as a global leader in highly efficient machinery […] Weiterlesen

9.) Yanmar Introduces Carbon-Neutral Electrification Strategy At Bauma 2022

[…] with versatile, customized solutions for off-road applications. ELEO is building a new battery production plant, increasing its annual battery production capacity tenfold to 500 MWh—equivalent of approximately 10,000 battery packs. Yanmar 5-Year Warranty benchmark for off-road vehicles underpins sustainability objectives The launch of the new 5-Year Warranty (or 5,000 hours) further enhances sustainability and extended ownership of the current line-up of clean diesel solutions during the […] Weiterlesen

10.) Space Perspective Unveils Patented Capsule Design, now in Production at Its State of the Art Composite Manufacturing Facility

[…] views of the thin blue line circling Earth below and the dark vastness of space above. Explorers enjoy plenty of headroom as they move around the capsule. The Space Lounge can be customized for couples and groups of up to eight people. Render courtesy of Space Perspective. Space travel is about to get safer, more comfortable, and even more thrilling. Space Perspective, Planet Earth's leading luxury space travel company, unveils the patent-pending Spaceship Neptune capsule design now in […] Weiterlesen

11.) Hisense, maßgeschneiderte Produkte für den FIFA World Cup 2022 Global Launch Event

[…] ein besseres Lebensgefühl zu sorgen und den Verbrauchern auf der ganzen Welt ein perfektes FIFA Erlebnis zu bieten, wird Hisense seine neuesten innovativen Produkte im Rahmen des Live Streams für das Customized Products for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Global Launch Event von Hisense am 17. August 2022 um 20 Uhr auf dem Hisense YouTube Kanal und auf Hisense Twitter vorstellen. Interaktiver Live Stream mit den Highlights der neuen Hisense Technologien Hisense hat sich von jeher der Entwicklung neuer […] Weiterlesen

12.) Hisense stellt maßgeschneiderte Produkte für die Fußball WM 2022 vor

[…] einen außergewöhnlichen Standard für Premium Lifestyle Erlebnisse Qingdao, China, 18. August 2022Hisense, ein weltweit führendes Technologieunternehmen, präsentierte seinen ersten Live Stream im Rahmen des »Customized Products for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Global Launch« von Hisense. Auf der Veranstaltung stellte Hisense seine neuesten Produkte vor, darunter den Hisense U7H TV, den Hisense L9H Laser TV und Haushaltsgeräte. Bei der Präsentation wurden die erstklassige Technologie und die […] Weiterlesen

13.) Kinematics Announces New SmartDrive and ST Series at RE+

[…] and to talk with our products team, you can visit booth 760 at the Anaheim Convention Center from Sept. 19—22 at RE+. To attend, register   here  … About Kinematics Kinematics: Intelligent Motion Control for a Sustainable, Connected Future. For nearly three decades, Kinematics has delivered customized, robust solutions to customers with mission-critical applications. With a variety of motion control solutions, there’s virtually nothing we can’t do to satisfy our customers’ needs. Kinematics […] Weiterlesen

14.) Six Time MMA Champion And Ohio Firefighter Stipe Miocic Invests in Romeo’s Pizza

[…] to building together for the future”, stated Ryan Rose, CEO of Romeo’s Pizza. The partnership will also include promotional press and social media content, appearances, customized campaigns, charitable components and more. About Romeo’s Pizza Romeo’s Pizza was founded in 2001 in Medina, Ohio. The quickly expanding pizza company has been creating great-tasting pizza ever since that not only connects people but also positively impacts its local communities through many local charities. In 2022 […] Weiterlesen

15.) Yanmar Introduces e-powertrain Strategy in Europe at bauma 2022

[…] and manufacturer of high-performance modular battery systems. This acquisition will further enhance Yanmar’s electrified powertrain capabilities with versatile, customized solutions for off-road applications. Follow your heart One thing is for sure. We cannot solve the world's problems overnight. But together with our OEM partners and dealers, we can replace the powertrain, the heart of most equipment and machinery. That’s why we say: follow your heart. Go electric with Yanmar. Yanmar […] Weiterlesen

16.) Haus der Kunst Munich Announces 2023 Programme

[…] by Women Artists 1956—1976, September 8th, 2023, til March 10th, 2024 The group exhibition “Inside Other Spaces. Environments by Women Artists 1956—1976” focuses on the history of environments in the period from the late 1950s to the late 1970s, highlighting women's fundamental contributions to the field. It features the work of eleven female artists spanning three generations from Asia, Europe as well as North- and South America: Judy Chicago, Lygia Clark, Laura Grisi, Aleksandra Kašuba […] Weiterlesen

17.) Yanmar America and TYM Sign Supply Agreement for Tractors

[…] experience to our customers”, said Jon Richardson, Director, Rural Lifestyle Division, Yanmar America. “These products will be designed and built with Yanmar diesel engines and customized to meet Yanmar’s exacting specifications. ”Both Yanmar America and TYM will continue to explore opportunities for differentiation and expansion of the product offerings to better accommodate the diversified customer needs in North America. About Yanmar America Corporation Yanmar America Corporation, located in […] Weiterlesen

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