Experts reveal five wedding trends set to be huge this Summer

Couples will step away from the traditional colour scheme

“Stepping away from the traditional black and white formal attire, we expect to see many wedding parties embrace colour this Summer. We saw the mismatched bridesmaid dresses trend resurge in popularity in late 2023, and predict this trend will take off even further this Summer, especially now it's getting warmer and with people experimenting with colour more.”

“According to the Pinterest Wedding Report, searches for a ‘burnt orange and sage green wedding’ have increased by 450 percent, which suggests that these are just some of the beautiful colourways people will be experimenting with this Summer.”

“However, if you do end up incorporating this trend in your Summer wedding, we would recommend couples to create an ‘attire card’ with a colour palette you want your guests to follow to ensure the colours worn still look and feel cohesive.”

Garden gatherings and forest I do’s 

“Eco, sustainable weddings are only getting more popular so it will be no surprise if we see more couples choosing to hold their ceremonies outdoors, surrounded by nature's beauty.”

“The Pinterest Trends Report highlights that ‘Whimsical garden weddings’ has seen a 450 percent increase in searches, so taking advantage of the understated beauty of nature and letting its aesthetics speak 1,000 words, is proving popular.”

Ground flower arches are in

“We have all seen the love and popularity flower arches have got on social media, with stunning displays being created for every type of occasion, especially weddings.”

“With the ‘quiet luxury trend’ being one of the most popular spring trends in 2024, we see this trend moving into the Summer months, and what is chicer than a ground flower arch?”

“It can be made to look exceptionally natural, and compliment outdoor ceremonies beautifully, for those looking to take their wedding outside, this trend can go hand in hand.”

We will see more wedding day “content creators”

“A trend that has been newly adopted in the past year, and as the digital world continues to grow, we predict to see more couples seeking ‘content creators’ to capture their day in real-time.”

“Traditionally, taking wedding photos from a digital camera can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to process and be sent to you directly, however within this new age where we want to access things as quickly as possible, it solves this problem.”

“This is because the ‘content creator’ will be assigned to follow the couple around for the day taking multiple, raw and organic images using a mobile device. In doing this, the couple will be able to receive these images within 24 hours of the ceremony to look back on, and even share socially.”

Refined bouquets with a pop of colour

“From the likes of Sofia Riche to Bridget Bahl, these celebrities are just some of the people who adopted the refined bouquet trend, and we don’t see it disappearing anytime soon. With the theme of embracing colour this Summer, the Pinterest Wedding Report indicates that ‘pink and orange wedding flowers’ will prove popular this year with a search increase of +200%, so even though we may see traditional bouquets continue to refine, they will still make a statement with pops of colour.”

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