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The Most Popular Bathroom Trends In 2022, According To Pinterest

As people are constantly buying and selling property, many will be keen to update their homes.

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The Most Popular Bathroom Trends In 2022, According To Pinterest
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The Most Popular Bathroom Trends In 2022, According To Pinterest

As people are constantly buying and selling property, many will be keen to update their homes. One way to refresh and add value to your home is through adopting new interior design trends, and research shows a new bathroom can add between 4 to 5 percent to the value of your home.

Intrigued to find out which #bathroom trends will be the most p#opular in 2022, experts at Showers To You scraped #Pinterest to discover the bathroom trends people are taking inspiration from the most, by analysing the number of pins for each style.  

Top 10 Bathroom Trends On Pinterest


Bathroom Trend

Total Pins On Pinterest 


White Bathrooms



Marble Bathrooms 



Industrial Bathrooms 



Wallpaper Bathrooms 



Old And New Bathrooms 



Blue Bathrooms 



Spa Bathrooms 



Black Accents Bathrooms



Green Bathrooms



Japandi Bathrooms


Showers To You can reveal that the most pinned bathroom trend on Pinterest is White Bathrooms. This trend has an astounding 153,071 total pins across 801 boards. The design style is characterised by the clean, simplicity of white features. 

In second place is Marble Bathrooms with 145,765 total pins on Pinterest and 970 boards. A pretty and timeless choice for any bathroom, which explains its popularity. 

Third is Industrial Bathrooms which comprises stripped back architectural details including the use of bare bricks, metals, and wood, as well as salvaged and recycled materials. This trend has 139,235 total pins across 873 boards.

In fourth position is Wallpaper Bathrooms with 86,472 total pins and 1,000 boards. This trend sees bold and colourful prints make bathrooms stand out for their form rather than just their function.

In fifth position is Old and New Bathrooms (55,938 total pins and 718 boards) that encompasses the character of older and quirky features, with the sleek and clean modern look. 

Spokesperson for Showers To You, Darren Smith, reveals top tips on bathroom renovation …

  1. Ensure that you set a budget. Total cost is usually upwards of £3,000 but will vary depending on the size and finish of the bathroom.

  2. Create a layout. Plot the layout of your current bathroom, including sanitaryware, windows, doors, pipework, and radiators. Then note down aspects that you want to change or keep the same.

  3. Remodeling when renovating. This means more work but gives you the chance to change and bring together separate elements. Such as, a separate WC and bathroom or removing a boiler or water tank.

  4. Pick your sanitaryware early on. It is important that your electrician and plumber know where the pipework and electrics will need to go at each design stage. This will avoid any work needing to be redone. 


  1. Experts at Showers To You were intrigued to find out the most popular bathroom trends of 2022 by scraping the number of pins currently on the Pinterest platform.

  2. Showers To You collated a seed list of the top 15 interior design trends from multiple sources including Woman & Home, Homebuilding & Renovating, and Sidler.

  3. The operator “[trend] bathrooms” was inputted into Pinterest and a manual inspection of boards was carried out to ensure all terms were related to interior trends only. 

  4. Pinterest was scraped for the number of boards and pins for each design trend, and each trend was ranked by total number of pins.

  5. All data is correct as of 21/12/21, but is subject to change. 

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