Most expensive doughnut in the world

Deutschland, 25. Januar 2022

  • A very special ring - the most expensive doughnut in the world

Most people can only dream of a piece of jewellery worth 10,000 Euros. But those who believed that only jewellery and precious stones could hold such high gold values were very much mistaken: the donut monarch Royal Donuts recently presented a truly magnificent specimen of a donut, thus providing a glimpse into a luxurious world of exclusivity that is capable of surpassing the imagination of many.

The finest ingredients encased in the finest gold leaf

This ring of manifold delight is a composition of carefully selected, exquisite ingredients. The batter is filled with a fluffy, sweet tonka bean custard cream. Its taste is refined by a slight hint of saffron. The real highlight, however, is the shell of the donut from Royal Donut. It is based on a shiny black mirror glaze into which precisely placed accents of real gold are incorporated. The world’s most expensive donut is crowned by a gold-plated fleur de chocolat in the shape of a cattleya orchid.

For the glamorous path to a happy future

The most expensive doughnut in the world was created for one of the most important and beautiful moments in a person’s life: The engagement. Embedded in the gold-plated orchid as a symbol of new happiness, a precious diamond ring finds a fitting way to its new owner. Beforehand, the donut and ring are delivered directly to the customer in a limousine by a specially trained chauffeur from a Royal Donut Manufacture to gild—and of course sweeten—the beginning of a shared future for happy couples in love. This noble donut from the Royal Donuts company is available for purchase for around 10,000 Euros. So for many, the floral work of art with a pure gold note will probably remain a dream. Fortunately, Royal Donuts also offers other delicious donuts at more affordable prices. So those who wish for an engagement garnished with Royal Donuts’ succulent batter and tasty creations will still be able to make their wish come true, even if they may have to do without golden orchids and a chauffeur. With the right person at your side, the path to happiness will still work.