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Keyword-Suche nach »existing«, Treffer 1 bis 25 von 65, die Top 25

1.) Oxfam expert availability and photo opportunities at G20 Summit in Rome

[…] Africa mRNA Technology Transfer Hub«. Invest in decentralized manufacturing hubs worldwide to move from a world of vaccine monopolies and scarcity to one of vaccine sufficiency and equity in which developing countries have direct control over production capacity to meet their needs. Immediately redistribute existing vaccines equitably across all nations to achieve the WHO target of vaccinating 40 percent of people in all countries by the end of 2021 and 70 percent of people in all countries by […] Weiterlesen

2.) Climate-Tech Startup Inovues Raises $2.75M to Help Decarbonize Buildings

[…] Startup Inovues Raises $2. 75M to Help Decarbonize Buildings Houston, December 21, 2021Inovues, a window technology company that provides the only solution that enables existing building facades to be retrofitted with the latest energy-saving and smart glass innovations without removal or replacement, announced the closing of its first equity funding round. The round was led by Paulos Holdings and was oversubscribed with participation from new and pre-seed investors, including VC Fuel […] Weiterlesen

3.) Why SMS Is So Essential to Recruitment Companies All Over The World

[…] agencies are presently facing some difficult occasions. Not merely is there improved competition inside the business, but additionally job vacancies are tougher to come by—partly due to the existing economic climate. Hence after an agency obtains a vacancy, possessing the capacity to contact candidates straight away and ahead of competitors is definitely an absolute will have to. Commonly today’s recruitment company faces two primary problems … Recruiting managers send out exactly the same […] Weiterlesen

4.) Deutsche Post DHL Group verkauft StreetScooter Produktionsrechte an internationales Konsortium ODIN Automotive S. à. r. l.

[…] 8 and 13 m3 of cargo space, respectively). StreetScooter GmbH, including its existing 300 employees, will continue to act as a supplier of vehicle parts and batteries for the Group’s planned fleet expansion to 21,500 StreetScooters. Thereafter, StreetScooter GmbH will focus exclusively on servicing and maintaining the existing fleet. The Group currently operates more than 17,000 of the electric vehicles, which were developed specifically for last-mile mail and parcel delivery, and as such is […] Weiterlesen

5.) Yeahka ranks No. 1 in the non-bank independent QR code payment service market in China

[…] services. Yeahka’s latest core strategy of in-store e-commerce business was also highly recognized. The report stated that the in-store e-commerce business can efficiently leverage Yeahka’s existing capabilities such as online and offline channels, R&D and operational know-hows and has strong growth potential. Yeahka will further expand investment, enrich product offerings, expand operation channels and enhance team effectiveness, further deepening the connection with merchants and […] Weiterlesen

6.) Enterin to Announce Top-Line Results From the Phase 2b Study for Parkinson’s Disease

[…] of ENT-01 on alpha-synuclein and disease progression. Dr. Isaacson will discuss the clinical context in which ENT-01 might be useful in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, and what it might add to the existing armamentarium. ENT-01 prevents alpha synuclein (αS) - the culprit in Parkinson’s disease (PD) - from aggregating within enteric nerve cells and displaces existing aggregates from nerve cell membranes, restoring enteric neural function and communication between enteric neurons and […] Weiterlesen

7.) WHO, when is screening for cancer the right course of action?

[…] when is screening for cancer the right course of action? A new guide from WHO Europe, launched on 2 February ahead of World Cancer Day 2022, will help policy-makers to increase the benefits of existing cancer screening programmes in their country and decide on whether to go ahead with new programmes. This guide addresses some common misperceptions, such as the perception that, if we have the technology to screen for cancer, then we should. Furthermore, the guide is an easy-to-read summary of […] Weiterlesen

8.) Consero Identifies the Four Tenets of Finance as a Service (FaaS): A New Standard of Service

[…] that we aim to live up to with every client. These four tenets are what customers should be demanding from anyone calling themselves a provider of FaaS”, says Klein. About Consero Consero provides outsourced BPO services through their “Finance as a Service” (FaaS) offering for B2B and Investment Management clients. Consero is disrupting the way businesses build and maintain their finance function. For over a decade, the expert team at Consero has refined processes and incorporated software to […] Weiterlesen

9.) Latest “Chairside” Magazine Published by Glidewell Spotlights the Power of Mentorship in Adding New Services to the Dental Practice

[…] and creating a healthy office culture. “With dentistry facing an ongoing staffing crisis, maintaining and increasing the longevity of the existing team will have a more powerful impact”, said Dr. Roger Levin, founder and CEO of Levin Group, Inc. This edition features articles that focus on esthetic, implant and digital dentistry, as well as case studies covering veneer preparation and temporization, implant bar overdentures, replacement of a maxillary first molar, and how to capture accurate […] Weiterlesen

10.) A New Model for Predicting Cervical Cancer Survival

[…] used copy number variant (CNV) data and mRNA data to develop a new model for predicting overall survival of cervical cancer patients. Bionformatic analyses of CNV and mRNA expression data in existing databases identified a six gene signature that could be used to stratify patients into high- and low-risk groups. Furthermore, the risk score exhibited a negative correlation with the immune score, determined by immune cell infiltration. Thus, these six genes may provide a novel prognostic […] Weiterlesen

11.) “Black Book” Survey Reveals 50 Emerging Solutions Methodically Challenging the Healthcare Technology Status Quo

[…] changes. Black Book employs the industry’s unique qualitative key performance indicators specific to emerging vendors and products’ ability to reshape or alter the existing situation and static IT systems, including Product Mission, Vendor Business Model, Core Product Value Proposition, Market Timing. Problem-Orientation technology, Product Differentiation, Demonstrated Leadership, Capitalization & Funding, Competitive Advantage and Rivalry, Momentum to Take IT to next level, Organizational […] Weiterlesen

12.) Spotter to Invest $1 Billion Dollars in YouTube Creators

[…] the preeminent partner to creators. ”Founded in 2019 to help YouTube creators scale their brands, channels, and revenue, Spotter provides creators up-front cash to license existing content. To date, Spotter has deployed hundreds of millions of dollars into some of the most watched YouTube creators including Mr. Beast, Dude Perfect, Like Nastya, Aphmau, and Smokin’ & Grillin’ wit AB. Spotter has licensed content that consists of hundreds of thousands of videos, generating over 40 billion […] Weiterlesen

13.) The Hotbed of the 3D Printer Must Be Hot? The Soon-to-Launch Wizmaker P1 Shows Otherwise.

[…] used. The constant heating can also cause the magnetic sheet to deteriorate quickly. This would then be an added expense for the consumers. So what is the solution? Existing print beds are clearly not efficient for 3D printing, plus this type of printing leads to non-adherence of printing objects, which becomes a problem when the glue is used. Therefore, there’s a need for more innovative solutions.  The Wizmaker P1 3D printer uses a precisive sensor and patented algorithms that are perfect for […] Weiterlesen

14.) Luxe Domain: The address for ENS and DNS

[…] hash. On top of this, the luxe-Domain has all of the functionality of a regular domain extension (website, email, et cetera). ICANN accredited Registrar Secura does not sell existing luxe-domains of the secondary market , but Secura offers to register any available new luxe-Domain for you. Please send after payment your domain name tosecura@web. de . You can get also support bysecura@web. de . The price is only valid for standard luxe-Domains, not for Premium-Domains. If you have selected a […] Weiterlesen

15.) The Plumbing Life Saver Offers Tips to Improve Home Efficiency This Year

[…] flow toilets and showerheads restrict unnecessary water usage, allowing users to save on water costs and minimise water waste. Above all else, The Plumbing Life Saver urges homeowners to set up a regular maintenance schedule throughout the year to ensure that all existing systems are in check and are functioning at optimum levels. To set up a maintenance check or to find out more about plumbing services from hot water to blocked drains Maitland-wide, contact 0448 669 938  The Plumbing Life […] Weiterlesen

16.) Novo Nordisk expands research collaboration in novel delivery technologies for biologic medicines

[…] Nordisk expands research collaboration in novel delivery technologies for biologic medicines Bagsværd, Denmark, 9 March 2022Novo Nordisk today announced the expansion of its existing research collaboration in oral drug delivery technologies with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH). Since 2015, scientists from Novo Nordisk and the laboratories of Prof. Giovanni Traverso and Prof. Robert Langer have explored novel technologies as alternatives to […] Weiterlesen

17.) Eine Klimaanlage in Berlin kann Ihren Airbnb Wert steigern

[…] amenities with less than or equal to 10 appearances were not included. For each amenity, the median cost per night and per bed were calculated for all venues that had it, and those that lacked it. These two results were subtracted from one another to return a median price increase when that amenity was included. The top 10 amenities for Berlin were then ranked. * All data was collated in January 2022 and is accurate as of then. Credit:www. uswitch […] Weiterlesen

18.) Germans need one years savings to stay at these luxury hotels

[…] months, and days) average households (with two adults and two children) in Germany would need to save in order to stay at each luxury hotel. *For Germany, calculations based on average monthly net income of €8,500 for a household of two adults and two children and from this net income sum, an amount of €1,984. 75 being saved each month. All data for the research was collated on Monday 7th March 2022 and is correct as of then but is subject to change. Credit:  www. money. co […] Weiterlesen

19.) How Kronos Fusion Tech Can Help the USA Keep Its Lead on Russia on Earth and in Space

[…] tense relationship with their eastern neighbor, offer a potential way out of this fusion energy bind. Many European countries, including Germany and Spain, are permanently shuttering their existing nuclear power plants. Several other countries say they won’t build reactors. The limitless energy of fusion could free Europe from petroleum dependency on outside countries without needing to resort to dangerous, unpopular fission.  It’s undeniably clear the advanced quantum computing algorithms […] Weiterlesen

20.) Oldendorff Carriers and Yara Marine strengthen green relationship

[…] in less than two years was an enormously challenging project and we have been extremely satisfied with the results – allowing us close to 99% uptime. Given the high-quality performance of the existing scrubbers, it is no surprise that we have chosen Yara Marine as our partner for scrubber installations on our two incoming capesize bulk carriers Alice Oldendorff and Austyn Oldendorff. ”Aleksander Askeland says: “We are very happy with Oldendorff Carrier’s decision to install our U-type scrubbers […] Weiterlesen

21.) World Earth Day—Expert reveals nine easy ways to help the ocean from home

[…] relocate to other areas, and the oxygen-depleted regions become known as dead zones. Fish also absorb the chemicals. If humans or other animals eat these fish, they’ll ingest the toxins too. The EPA says that you can be more careful with the chemicals that you use in your garden by …Apply products sparinglyUse organic productsPlant native species that thrive in your area to minimise fertiliser useReduce the amount of grass in your gardenAvoid using chemicals on slopes or garden edges, where the […] Weiterlesen

22.) Aquios Labs Water-Based Vaping to Be Showcased at National Convenience Show 2022

[…] based in the UK, is the central platform to promote this pioneering technology to the global market, aiming to integrate their new format into the product portfolios of existing vape brands, along with new OEM brand partners. Currently, the firm is focused on integrating water-based vaping into disposable vape devices, which is the fastest growing sub-category of the vaping sector. At the National Convenience Show, Aquios will showcase its first wave of consumer-ready devices including the Lota […] Weiterlesen

23.) Earth Week: Here’s How to Fight Climate Change With Better Marketing, stop calling them “Heat Pumps”

[…] fails—often during cold or heat waves. They tend to stick with what they’re familiar with. And in the USA, homeowners may not live in one location long enough to reach the breakeven point. These factors make it difficult to persuade people to adopt heat pumps, especially if up-front purchase and installation costs are higher. ”Heat pumps need to be more affordable up-front—to entice more people to invest in better, cleaner technology. This is where new policies, low-interest loans, and […] Weiterlesen

24.) Orolia Partners with Meta to Improve Scalability, Accuracy of Timing Network

[…] with existing NTP and PTP implementationsOpen architecture with a huge potential for customizationEvolutive to support OS-NMAAbout the Time Appliances Project The Open Compute Project (OCP) initiated a sub-project called Time Appliances Project (TAP) dedicated to time in data centers. This project aims to provide a platform to bring together, discuss, standardize and share technologies and solutions across industries with the data center applications and data center network infrastructure as […] Weiterlesen

25.) Saab and FMV Sign Contract for new Gripen Launch System

[…] system for air-to-air missiles and countermeasure pods on Gripen C/D and Gripen E. The contract also includes options for subsequent series orders of launcher systems. The launchers can be integrated with existing variants of weapon pylons and can carry all Gripen air-to-air missiles. “The integration of the new launch system is an important component for ensuring the continued high availability of the Gripen system. After delivery, maintenance of the launch systems will be performed in Sweden […] Weiterlesen

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