Wisconsin Residents Can Receive Home Improvements “On the House” With Gellings Community Service Program

Sheboygan, Wisconsin., May 27th, 2023

When John came home in the middle of a thunderstorm, he saw that a tree had fallen on his roof. Water was everywhere; he knew the damage would get worse if he didn’t do something immediately. The rotting tree was on his #property line. John felt it was his neighbor’s job to cut down the tree. His neighbor thought it was John’s responsibility to take care of the tree. John’s insurance company agreed and refused his claim. As a 92-year-old retiree, John was on a fixed income. There was no way he could cover a major repair like this on his own. But these repairs had to be made if he wanted to stay in his home. The name was changed to John to protect privacy, however, this is a real-life situation that took place. Stories like these happen every day, and people in the community continue to struggle unnoticed. They need help, but they’re not sure where to turn.

Michelle Gellings, Head of Community Outreach at Gellings Roofing and Siding, announces the launch of their On the House program, which provides support for major home repair and support projects. This program is completely company funded so there are fewer restrictions than other programs that exist. This program provides assistance for …

  • Economic or natural disasters

  • Support for candidates struggling with physical disabilities

  • Families who are financially limited

  • Individuals and families who are unable to update their homes

Anyone needing #home #repair help due to economic hardship or natural disasters is encouraged to apply. Support for qualified candidates includes …

  • Veterans

  • Persons with physical disabilities

  • Senior citizens

  • Low-income households

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply. They’ll be asked to verify specific personal details and their circumstances. This ensures On the House is available to everyone in need when it’s needed.

Why “On the #House” is important for our #local #community

These struggles aren’t unique to a small part of the community. As it turns out, most homeowners experience these struggles from time to time. Research from Consumer Reports1 shows …

  • The average home needs $ 3,150 worth of repairs that haven’t been made yet.

  • Only 41 percent of homeowners could afford a $ 500 repair out of pocket, and only 28 percent could say the same for a $ 1,000 repair.

  • Approximately one in four homes are in need of serious repairs, while 45 percent of homes are less safe as a result of neglected repairs.

This shows that the need for programs like On the House is growing. Maintaining the homes in our community is an essential part of building a strong and stable community. But it starts with caring for the families in our communities. On the House is a safety net for families in the community.

Qualified homeowners in Sheboygan and Manitowoc counties are encouraged to apply for On the House roof and siding replacement program. There’s absolutely no cost to see if a homeowner qualifies. Visit here to learn more or #apply.

About Gellings Roofing and Siding Company LLC

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1.) https://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/holding-off-on-home-repairs.html