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Keyword-Suche nach »terms«, Treffer 1 bis 25 von 72, die Top 25

1.) Amazon, Google, or Apple? Data reveals the organisation we want to work for the most

[…] by the terms: ‘[organisation] jobs’, ‘[organisation] careers’, ‘jobs at [organisation]’ and ‘jobs [organisation]’. The total number of global monthly searches for the above terms were subsequently collected. Following the collection of data, the results were ranked in descending order, based on the total number of searches for jobs per month. The top 15 results were presented in the final table. All online search volumes extracted from Ahrefs are based on monthly global Google searches. All […] Weiterlesen

2.) Schwarze Löcher, Supermassiv, Hypermassiv, Saatlöcher, Hypomassiv – Black Holes, Supermassive, Hypermassive, Seed Holes, Hypomassive

[…] make it". They exist because there cannot be nothing. There has to be. And depending on the probability there are many or few (in terms of frequency in a limited space) . .. that's why there are an insane number of particles (quanta), significantly fewer supermassive black holes, even fewer hypermassive . .. and in our universe only one universe - ours. That means: quanta are also black holes, if you will. What do you want to call them? Micro black holes? No. You know them. Maybe […] Weiterlesen

3.) What’s the Difference Between a Refinance and a Cash-Out Refi?

[…] depends on the terms of your mortgage and how you’re planning to refinance — you can do the math easily with a refinance calculator online. The renovations will significantly improve the value of your home. You’ve built up a significant amount of equity in your home. You plan to use the loan to improve your home and the expenses may be tax deductible. (The tax rules vary depending on your particular circumstances. Consult your tax advisor for more information. )The closing costs do not exceed […] Weiterlesen

4.) Day-Domains: for your tourism offer

[…] day for your tourism offer. We are able to provide you the relevant trademarks at short notice and you can participate in the sunrise period of the Day-Domains.  Of course, you can also use other terms.  Do you want some. day or any. day? That would of course also be possible. If you are interested in our offer, please contact us. If you don't like the solution with holi. day, you can opt for the Holiday-Domains. The Day-Domain becomes now available for the general public. The sunrise […] Weiterlesen

5.) Bosch Tech Compass: 72 percent believe that technology makes the world a better place

[…] five countries (China, Germany, India, the U. K . , and the U. S. ) in August 2021 by Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung mbH (GIM) on behalf of Robert Bosch GmbH. In Germany and the United Kingdom, 1,000 people were surveyed, in China, India, and the United States, 2,000 people were surveyed. The samples are representative for the respective country in terms of region, gender, and age (DE, UK, USA: 18 to 69 years, CN, IN 18 to 59 years). Additional information  www. bosch […] Weiterlesen

6.) Strong Supplier Relationships Key to Getting Ahead in 2022, Specialists Report

[…] for favored clients too. “It used to be that great supplier relationships meant receiving better deals or getting better payment terms”, Rosenthal notes. “We still see that in some industries, but with the ongoing supply chain bottlenecks, it’s more about ensuring needs are met. ”Businesses do not have to be huge companies placing high-volume orders to get priority treatment, says Rosenthal. Opening the lines of communication, having fair expectations, and paying on time set a solid foundation […] Weiterlesen

7.) Russia denies plans to attack Ukraine, has demanded NATO stops its eastward expansion

[…] line in case we or other partners or allies are not ready for that. They then usually blame others of not being constructive and that is exactly what we see so far in terms of the previous intensive week of conversations. So I think that by being committed to a peaceful resolution, by not wanting to have further aggression. By already having the occupation of Crimea when 2 million Ukrainians are already living in a state of  being hostages in this military base called the Crimean Peninsula […] Weiterlesen

8.) Build the Original “Pony Car” From the 1960s

[…] from high-quality die-cast metal, ABS, rubber, and other materials; when complete, the replica will measure more than 23 inches in length and weigh over 18 pounds. In terms of details, the model brims with period touches, from the realistic 390cu in V8 engine to the red GT logos on the wheels and the trunk gas cap. The many working elements on the model includeWorking headlights, taillights, and stoplightsOpening doors, hood, and trunkWind-down windowsRotating front wheels turned by the […] Weiterlesen

9.) Yeahka ranks No. 1 in the non-bank independent QR code payment service market in China

[…] in 2021” report recently published by the Chinese consulting firm Analysys, Yeahka Limited (“Yeahka” or the “Company”) (09923. HK) ranks first in China’s non-bank independent QR code payment service market, in terms of its all-round strength based on measures such as transaction volume and merchant number. According to the report, based on Yeahka’s interim results for 2021, the payment business performed strongly, reaching a transaction size of 990. 41 billion RMB with a year-on-year increase […] Weiterlesen

10.) Automated driving. Bosch and Volkswagen Group subsidiary Cariad agree on extensive partnership

[…] to make even higher levels of automated driving reality and get them safely and reliably onto our roads. The partners have also agreed to examine the possibility of joint development targets and timelines on the path the fully automated driving (SAE Level 4). The guiding principle behind this partnership on equal terms is as follows: one of the world’s biggest automaking groups plus one of the world’s biggest automotive suppliers equals a huge step forward in the development of automated […] Weiterlesen

11.) New Study Shows Nic’s Keto Diet Improves Cardiovascular Health

[…] Scientific Committee of the European Medical Association, the Executive Vice President of The World Academy of Medical Sciences, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, and a Fellow of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Tzenios is a member of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine, The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, The American Federation for […] Weiterlesen

12.) Craft Superfood Chain Everbowl Announces Moving to the Bitcoin Standard

[…] the most advantageous, nor the safest, method of running a business in 2022 and beyond. Also, I understand that it is still early in terms of corporate adoption, as well as governmental adoption of Bitcoin, but we plan to make a contribution to this cause by leading with our example. A disruptive growth company should always position itself ahead of the pack and take the lead by adopting new technologies early rather than late. We believe it's a matter of "when," not "if," that Bitcoin […] Weiterlesen

13.) WHO, when is screening for cancer the right course of action?

[…] in terms of reducing morbidity and mortality from those diseases. This new guide is designed to help ensure the future safety and success of cancer screening. “Starting a screening programme is complex and demands many resources,” says Dr Nino Berdzuli, Director, Country Health Programmes Division, WHO/Europe. “Policy-makers need to ensure that the implementation of new screening programmes is evidence-based and follows the principles for cancer screening, and that the benefits outweigh the […] Weiterlesen

14.) The 2021 business year: Bosch increases sales and result—company exceeds forecasts

[…] sales returned to their pre-crisis level. In the Consumer Goods business sector, products for the home and garden were once again in strong demand. At 21 billion euros, sales were significantly above the previous year’s level. This is a rise of 13 percent; adjusted for exchange-rate effects, it is 15 percent. Sales in the Energy and Building Technology business sector rose 11 percent to 5. 9 billion euros—growth of 12 percent after adjusting for exchange-rate effects. To quote Forschner, “The […] Weiterlesen

15.) Discover Home Loans: The Pros and Cons of Home Equity Loans vs. HELOCs

[…] are the same for a set period of time. Home equity loans are typically used to consolidate debt, to make home improvements, or to finance one-time large expenses. Home equity loan terms tend to last 10—30 years. Pros Fixed interest rates, which means the home equity loan rates and payment amount remain the same throughout the period of the loan. Borrowers receive the funds in a lump sum at closing which can be used for a variety of different needs like Home Improvement, Debt Consolidation […] Weiterlesen

16.) KDG Named #1 Global Zoho Creator Partner

[…] Zoho Development at KDG. “It’s affordable enough, accessible enough, and flexible enough to help them manage their business operations and intelligence on their terms. ”Zoho Creator is just one of the many tools developed by Zoho. Other Zoho applications include Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Inventory, and Zoho Projects. KDG is a premium partner and can assist small, medium, and enterprise businesses across all Zoho applications.  Other services provided by KDG include UI/UX […] Weiterlesen

17.) Kraft Heinz and the J. R. Simplot Company Announce an Exclusive, Multi-Year Strategic Supply Agreement for Ore-Ida

[…] new and exciting foods from the brand,” said Renee Peets, senior vice president, North America Procurement at Kraft Heinz. “Today, Ore-Ida is approximately half a billion dollars in terms of net sales and we believe there’s still a lot of untapped growth. The expertise and innovation that the J. R. Simplot Company will bring to the brand is unrivaled, and thanks to our exclusive strategic supply partnership, we’ll now be able to bring new and expanded offerings from Ore-Ida to market faster […] Weiterlesen

18.) Imagimob AI the First tinyML Platform to Support Deep Learning Anomaly Detection

[…] of powerful neural network processors that is now hitting the market. This means that when going to the edge customers can make the most of their hardware. Feature engineering, in simple terms, is the act of converting raw observations into desired features using statistical or mathematical functions. Feature engineering normally requires domain expertise and is in general very time consuming. With the added support for autoencoder networks in Imagimob AI, developers can now build anomaly […] Weiterlesen

19.) Alasdair Lindsay Vom Brandenburger Tor bis zum Louvre: Ranking der kultiviertesten europäischen Städte An:

[…] zum Louvre: Ranking der kultiviertesten europäischen Städte Living in a city rooted in culture not only offers better opportunities for a vibrant, exciting lifestyle but it can alsoincrease the value of your property . But with Europe being renowned for its artistic hotspots, which city offers the most for culture lovers? The Most Cultural Cities in Europe RankCityCountry      Theatresper 100,000 peopleCultural Tours per 100,000 peopleMuseums per 100,000 peopleLandmarks per 100,000 […] Weiterlesen

20.) Kino Gütersloh, The Batman, es ist nicht nur ein Zeichen, es ist eine Warnung, Trailer Video

[…] strange creature that everyone is aware of but not familiar with, and certainly don’t trust”, he says. “And we see there’s the beginnings of some sort of partnership developing as they realize they have a villain who is all about leaving clues. This helps drive the detective narrative even deeper to the core of this film and takes us back to the essence of what Batman and Gordon are: detectives. ”Pattinson was impressed by Wright’s approach. “Jeffrey has a confidence and there’s humor there […] Weiterlesen

21.) INNTQ announces Roco, the world’s first interactive roller coaster experience

[…] different locations, like for capitalizing on foot traffic or driving attention to specific storefronts. In terms of upkeep, all venue operators have to do is ensure the machine is cleaned regularly. INNTQ equips each Roco machine with a built-in 4G modem to monitor for any service or repair issues and update software. Any machine that needs service is removed and replaced by INNTQ. And most important of all, venue operators don’t need to purchase Roco. INNTQ partners with the owners and […] Weiterlesen

22.) Deutschlands angesagtester Einrichtungsstil gekrönt – Boho oder Scandi?

[…] was concluded to be the country’s favourite interior décor trend. To guarantee accuracy, countries that had less than 500 monthly searches for their most popular interior design style were omitted from the final results, resulting in only 18 countries left in the dataset. Data was collected between 01/02/2022 and 14/02/2022 and is subject to change. * In the past 30 days, according toGoogle Trends on 09/03/2022. Credit:  www. uswitch […] Weiterlesen

23.) Vom Brandenburger Tor bis zum Louvre: Ranking der kultiviertesten europäischen Städte

[…] zum Louvre: Ranking der kultiviertesten europäischen Städte Living in a city rooted in culture not only offers better opportunities for a vibrant, exciting lifestyle but it can alsoincrease the value of your property . But with Europe being renowned for its artistic hotspots, which city offers the most for culture lovers?By evaluating an index based on theatres, museums, landmarks and cultural tours in European cities,Uswitch. com/mortgages created a cultural score to rank each city’s cultural […] Weiterlesen

24.) Five Tips to Get Kids into Golf

[…] you can be with their play. Speak in their language—Children need to comprehend an idea before they can attempt it. As a parent or adult guiding a child around the course, you must learn to be patient as you explain to them in childlike terms how to play a game. Instead of using complicated terminology, switch it up to something they would understand, relative to their age. The blog can be seen here in full,https://golfsupport. com/blog/5-ways-get-kids-into-golf/  …Credit:https://golfsupport […] Weiterlesen

25.) Unboxers on YouTube can earn over €40k per video data shows

[…] unboxing”, “Phone unboxing”, “Headphone unboxing” were used to get a wider variety of products rather than just phones. From this, the top 20 videos from each category were gathered. Top-x. nl then utilisedInfluencer Marketing Hub's YouTube Money Calculator to discover the estimated earnings for each video. Finally, all 80 unboxing videos were ranked according to their estimated earnings. The data is accurate as of the 21st of March 2022 and is subject to change.  Credit: https://top-x. nl […] Weiterlesen

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