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Keyword-Suche nach »other«, Treffer 1 bis 25 von 253, die Top 25

1.) SWR3 ermöglicht »New Pop« – erster Lichtblick für die Popkultur

[…] verzichtet sie. Ihr größter Hit bisher ist "Black Hole" mit besonderen Rhythmen und Melodien. Ihr erstes Mini-Album hat Griff diesen Sommer veröffentlicht: »One Foot In Front Of The Other«. Prominente Fans sind nicht nur Weltstars wie Taylor Swift, sondern auch renommierte Musikjournalisten - unter anderem von der BBC oder The Guardian. Samstag, 18. September 2021: Zoe Wees, Wrabel, Tom Grennan und »SWR3 New Pop – das Special« Zoe Wees spielt das erste Konzert am Samstag. Ihre erste Single […] Weiterlesen

2.) Penguin Random House veröffentlicht Gedichtsammlung von Amanda Gorman

[…] den Titel »Call Us What We Carry« und wird in den USA wiederum von Viking Books herausgegeben; die Startauflage soll bei einer Million Exemplaren liegen. Ursprünglich sollte die Poesie-Sammlung den Titel »The Hill We Climb and Other Poems« tragen und schon im September auf den Markt kommen. Nach wie vor ist darin aber natürlich das Gedicht »The Hill We Climb« enthalten. »Call Us What We Carry« ist in Summe, wie es Penguin Random House in einer Mitteilung formuliert, „Gorman vom Feinsten“. Es […] Weiterlesen

3.) Psychosoziale Folgen der Pandemie: Auch das Umweltbewusstsein wächst

[…] das weltweite gemeinsame Vorgehen in Zeiten von Covid-19 neue Chancen bietet, jetzt auch globale Maßnahmen angesichts einer gestiegenen Offenheit für die Themen Klimaschutz und Migration anzugehen. « Originalveröffentlichung Schiller, B. , Tönsing, D. , Kleinert, T. , Böhm, R. , Heinrichs, M. (2021): Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic Nationwide Lockdown on Mental Health, Environmental Concern, and Prejudice Against Other Social Groups. In: Environment and Behavior. DOI: 10 […] Weiterlesen

4.) Rockbands beherrschen die Offiziellen Deutschen Charts

[…] Show« im ZDF auftrat, schüttet »Mein Herz« auf Position Sechs aus. Die Top-Neueinsteiger-Riege beschließen die Kultband Depeche Mode (»Ultra – The 12 Singles«, Fünf) und Soundtüftler Jean-Michel Jarre (»Welcome To The Other Side (Concert From Virtual Notre-Dame)«, Acht). In den Single-Charts verursachen »Die Ärzte« viel »Noise«, was ihnen aus dem Stand den vierten Platz einbringt. Noch besser kommt das Hip-Hop-Duo »RAF Camora & Luciano« (»2CB«) vom Fleck, das direkt den Thron besteigt. »The […] Weiterlesen

5.) Stellantis und Factorial Energy entwickeln gemeinsam Festkörperbatterien für Elektrofahrzeuge

[…] benefits of the proposed transaction, future financial and operating results, the anticipated closing date for the proposed transaction and other anticipated aspects of our operations or operating results are forward-looking statements. These statements may include terms such as »may«, »will«, »expect«, »could«, »should«, »intend«, »estimate«, »anticipate«, »believe«, »remain«, »on track«, »design«, »target«, »objective«, »goal«, »forecast«, »projection«, »outlook«, »prospects«, »plan«, or […] Weiterlesen

6.) Anzeige: Lesetipps für Gütersloh: »Stand Firm« and Other Insights for End-Time Preparations

[…] für Gütersloh: »Stand Firm« and Other Insights for End-Time Preparations  Orlando, FL, Dec. 9, 2021The concept of the rapture looms over believers, instilling hope in some but fear in many others. After all, no one knows exactly when it will happen or how long any tribulation will last. »People are already reacting with fear. … I think it’s an important topic to deal with because so many — I mean, many — really do not have a grasp of the scriptures that talk about the end-time«, Bible scholar […] Weiterlesen

7.) Kraft Heinz Announces Agreement to Acquire Majority Stake in Just Spices – a Technology-Enabled Direct-to-Consumer Business

[…] conditions including regulatory clearances, the timing of closing, and other statements that are not historical facts, each of which is based on Kraft Heinz’s current beliefs, expectations, estimates, and projections. These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, many of which are difficult to predict and beyond Kraft Heinz’s control, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those indicated in the forward-looking statements. Those factors […] Weiterlesen

8.) One explanation for supermassive black holes and the phenomenon of time and our big bang

[…] that our universe happens to be such that not only the "Big Bang Singularity" took place and expanded ("Big Bang"), but that countless other singularities with large masses also arose - the "supermassive black holes" which, however, did not lead to "inflation" or "big bangs", but simply existed in front of them. Eine Erklärung für supermassive Schwarze Löcher und das Phänomen der Zeit Voraussetzung für alles ist die Logik. »Nichts« kann es nicht geben, nie gegeben haben. Denn »Nichts« zeichnet […] Weiterlesen

9.) Nachhaltige Anbautechniken in Südafrika produzieren hochwertige natürliche Rosinen

[…] raisins. They are sweeter than Thompson raisins, with a caramelised, honey-like flavour, and have a softer and plumper texture, meaning that they are less chewy and easier to eat. Natural and environmentally friendly South African raisins are ideal for consumers looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, since they also contain only naturally occurring sugars and are packed with concentrated nutrients including fibre, iron, calcium, and antioxidants. The UK promotional campaign is run by […] Weiterlesen

10.) Most popular female scents which are proven aphrodisiacs

[…] psychologytoday. com ,  sirc. org  and  journals. lww. com  were sourced to find the most common scientifically proven aphrodisiac female and male notes. Thereafter they utilised the fragrance directory website  Fragrantica  to discover the most popular notes, taking into consideration both user rating of each scent and total number of votes, in order to find the average rating out of 5. Any scents not available in Fragrantica were omitted from the study. Subsequently, the top five highest […] Weiterlesen

11.) Kraft Heinz Cements Climate Ambition, Commits to Carbon Neutrality by 2050

[…] follows the Company’s own recently updated Supplier Guiding Principles as a north star. Other focus areas will include upstream and downstream transportation and distribution, end-of-life treatment and use of sold products. Additionally, in 2021, Kraft Heinz renewed its commitment to set a science-based emissions reduction target by 2023, in alignment with the new Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) Net-Zero Standard, and will follow the most current, credible, and widely accepted climate […] Weiterlesen

12.) Climate-Tech Startup Inovues Raises $2.75M to Help Decarbonize Buildings

[…] retrofits improve window performance by up to 10-fold, reducing energy consumption by up to 40 percent while also increasing occupants' thermal and acoustic comfort, among many other benefits. "Our mission is to help cities achieve their energy efficiency and emissions-reduction targets by increasing the rate of window upgrades in existing buildings," said Inovues Founder and CEO Anas Al Kassas. "To achieve that, we have developed a low-carbon, high-ROI retrofit solution that makes […] Weiterlesen

13.) Delivery Hero scales down foodpanda Germany to a Berlin-based innovation hub and announces the planned divestiture of foodpanda Japan

[…] Delivery Hero plans to divest foodpanda Japan in Q1 2022These decisions allow Delivery Hero to shift its resources to highly attractive growth opportunities in other markets and new verticals, especially in quick commerce, that are expected to generate more value for the ecosystem and shareholdersDelivery Hero has informed all relevant stakeholders and, where possible, foodpanda employees will transfer to positions within the Delivery Hero Group, its industry partner network or receive a […] Weiterlesen

14.) LipLid has won the 2022 WorldStar Packaging Award for best lid

[…] says Jesper Berthold, CEO of UniCup Sweden, LipLid’s producer. ”This award shows that the world needs smart and functional alternatives to the plastic beverage lids that currently dominate the market. ”The WPO is a non-profit, non-governmental, international federation of national packaging institutes and other interested parties, including corporations and trade associations. LipLid will receive its award at a ceremony to be held during the IPACK IMA fair in Milan on May 4, 2022.   www […] Weiterlesen

15.) Nintendo Switch Download News 23/12/2021

[…] partners on a range of other entertainment initiatives like visual content and theme parks. Nintendo has sold more than 5. 1 billion video games and over 800 million hardware units globally. From the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment SystemTM more than 30 years ago, through today and into the future, Nintendo’s continuing mission is to create unique entertainment that puts smiles on the faces of people all over the world. A wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of Europe, based in Frankfurt […] Weiterlesen

16.) Juventus and Azzurri Star Federico Chiesa Announces Genesis NFT Drop With Kreation on 29 Dec 2021

[…] chapter!"    Kreation Co-Founder & Creative Director Jake Elias adds, "This is just the start, we have already planned monthly drops with other huge football, sports and entertainment legends. Kreation is firmly positioning itself as the leading NFT marketplace for the future. " www. Kreation. ioDisclaimer This collaboration is between HOFA Gallery, Kreation, and Federico Chiesa directly. The collaboration is not connected with UEFA, Juventus or Azzuri and or any of its associated […] Weiterlesen

17.) Anzeige: Author Richard L. Gibson's New Audiobook “Healing the Circle” is a Compelling Tale of Love and Respect for a Peaceful People Living in Absolute Harmony With the Earth

[…] pollution. Enough mistreatment and draining of her resources. Finally, the Earth mother rebelled with devastation, disease, fire, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that brought the civilized world to its knees. For untold generations the native people of the continent called North America told stories of the broken circle of the natural world. They warned of the consequences of trespass, misuse, and mistreatment of the mother of us all. They also told stories of the healing of this […] Weiterlesen

18.) Corona: Laut einer Studie aus England berichten Infizierte über ein neues Omikron-Symptom

[…] research on Covid-19. By combining your reports with software algorithms, we are able to predict who has the virus and so track Covid infections across the UK and now other countries. Your daily reporting is also being used to generate new scientific understanding of the very different symptoms the virus causes in different people. We are also studying the way that risks vary between individuals because of their own personal characteristics. Visit the News and Research section to read about the […] Weiterlesen

19.) GiftChill, the Mega Gift Cards Platform Adds Three Meme Coins to Their List to Purchase Gift Cards

[…] the Shiba Inu coin sought to become an alternative to the ETH-based DOGE. Their official website touts their involvement with the NFT art world.  More about Kishu Inu: The Kishu Inu project was created as a decentralized meme project in April of this year. If you would like more information on GiftChill's addition of DogeCoin, Shiba Inu, Kishu Inu, its gift cards, cryptocurrency options, or any other questions, don't hesitate to contact the GiftChill team atSupport@giftchill. co. uk   […] Weiterlesen

20.) Bluetti Unveils World’s First Sodium-Ion Solar Generator

[…] since it can be recharged to 80% in 30 minutes by 6,000W swift AC + PV dual charging (3,000W Max. for both AC and PV). Additionally, NA300 also offers connection with another NA300 by a fusion box (Output voltage and power double to 240V and 6000W, respectively), IoT App remote control, and other EP500 Pro’s merits. Bluetti’s first-generation sodium-ion battery excels in thermal stability, fast-charging capacity, low-temperature performance, and integration efficiency, despite slightly lower […] Weiterlesen

21.) What’s the Difference Between a Refinance and a Cash-Out Refi?

[…] cash-out refi is that in a cash-out refi, you take out a loan that is larger than your mortgage and have access to the difference in cash.  Homeowners usually find a mortgage refinance from Discover or another lender to be a worthwhile option when doing so will help them save money in the long run and/or reduce their monthly bills.   What is a cash-out refinance vs a home equity loan? A cash-out refinance and a home equity loan have a number of similarities. Both loan types can be used to […] Weiterlesen

22.) Day-Domains: Holiday.day for your tourism offer

[…] holiday. day for your tourism offer. We are able to provide you the relevant trademarks at short notice and you can participate in the sunrise period of the Day-Domains.  Of course, you can also use other terms.  Do you want some. day or any. day? That would of course also be possible. If you are interested in our offer, please contact us. If you don't like the solution with holi. day, you can opt for the Holiday-Domains. The Day-Domain becomes now available for the general public. The […] Weiterlesen

23.) Lesetipps für Gütersloh: »World Happiness Coffee Table Book«, kostenlos

[…] and Ms Nontando Mposo, Editor-In-Chief, Glamour South Africa. 2021 was not the easiest of years, with the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic and other socio-cultural issues affecting the lives of millions negatively. However, Happiness Strategy Foundation looks poised to change this ugly narrative and organized the first World Happiness Photo Contest in 2021 to use the power of images to motivate people and help people stay happy even amidst uncertainties. The contest received participation worldwide […] Weiterlesen

24.) Three Big Announcements From Bluetti at CES 2022

[…] wave inverter and 3,000Wh capacity, it can juice up most electric appliances in the market. And it feels similar to the superstar Bluetti EP500 Pro, supporting connection with another NA300 by a fusion box — Output voltage and power double to 240V and 6,000W — and App remote control. Besides, it’s able to charge at an incredible rate of 6,000W (3,000W Max. for both AC and PV); and work with two B480 battery modules (4,800Wh each) for a whopping 12,600Wh. Such unit severs a family’s electricity […] Weiterlesen

25.) Bosch Tech Compass: 72 percent believe that technology makes the world a better place

[…] yet another reason why building trust in digital technology will be crucial, and it will have a direct impact on consumer behavior as well,” Hartung says. Four out of five people worldwide believe that a company’s success will depend on building digital trust with its customers in the future. Trust is also becoming increasingly important: for 43 percent of global respondents, trust plays a greater role in the digital world than in the analog world, as opposed to only 20 percent who see it the […] Weiterlesen

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