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Top 10 most popular workout equipment

Treadmills top the list with nearly 300,000 average searches per month globally, beating its next closest competitor, the dumbbell with nearly 90,000 Google searches.

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Top 10 most popular workout equipment

Top 10 most popular workout equipment


Gym Equipment

Total Global Average Monthly Searches








Exercise Bike



Yoga Mat



Rowing Machine






Resistance Bands



Ankle Weights






Bench Press


Treadmills top the list with nearly 300,000 average searches per month globally, beating its next closest competitor, the dumbbell with nearly 90,000 Google searches.

It would appear cardio-based equipment dominates the top 10, as exercise bikes place third, with 81,280 average monthly searches. With an increased number of people working from home, exercise bikes allow for cycling without the pressure of having to leave the house or worrying about the weather forecast.

Rounding off the top 5 are yoga mats and rowing machines with 66,320 and 63,330 average searches made per month.

The full data set reviewing search trend data for all 24 gym workout items can be found here

Furthermore, OnBuy Dumbbells spoke to who worked with Cooper Mitchell from Garage Gym Reviews about how to convert spare space into a workout area.

  1. Flooring—put your flooring down before your equipment: Equipment is heavy, so you want to make sure you assemble your space first before bringing in your new equipment. There are many different flooring options available for home gyms, but for most, we suggest horse stall mats from your local farm supply store.

  2. Proper storage: You're working with finite space in a home gym. To maximize the area, we suggest storing as much equipment on the wall as possible. This means buying things like barbell gun racks, plate storage that is screwed into wooden studs, resistance bands and chain holders, et cetera

  3. Buy inexpensive equipment and research: Make sure to research what equipment you need and what is best for the goal you have. There are lots of articles online to read through and find the right equipment for you. You don”t need expensive equipment for your home gym. Check second-hand marketplaces for the best deals near you. Many people have built their gyms by scouring Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or even Ebay. You can also try out different equipment and sell the items that don”t work for you, so you are never out of pocket.

  4. Get a good sound system: A popular system is the Echo Dot hooked up to Bose Speakers to pause or change music with your own voice—so you can control the music during your workouts! This may seem like a minor detail, but it makes a big difference when it comes to exercising, it motivates you and gets you pumped to work out harder and better.

  5. Invest in a mini fridge: Have a refrigerator in your gym so that cold protein shakes and drinks are always available – especially water! Mini fridges do not have to be expensive, and they are the perfect size to have placed in your home gym. Again, you could check second-hand marketplaces near you to find inexpensive deals on mini fridges

We really hope you find this press release useful. If you do end up using it, we would very much appreciate a link to OnBuy Dumbbells and who commissioned the data. A link credit allows us to keep supplying you with future content that you may find useful.


  1. OnBuy Dumbbells sought to determine what the most popular home workout equipment is for 2022

  2. In house experts created a seed list of the most common home gym equipment by looking at a range of exercise focused articles from top health and lifestyle magazines including Women's HealthMen's Health and Marie Claire

  3. OnBuy Dumbbells then established the most popular home workout equipment by analysing average global search volumes of people looking to purchase these gym products by using key phrases such as “{equipment name} for sale”, “{equipment name] to buy”, “[equipment name] online” and “cheap {equipment name}”, “where to buy [equipment name]”, “best [equipment name]”, “buy [equipment name] online”, and noting down the average volume of monthly searches made

  4. The highest ranked searches were compiled to produce a top 10 list of the most popular home workout equipment.

  5. A list of notable brands acquired from the lifestyle publications for the most popular home workout equipment has also been featured.

  6. All data was collected on 5/01/2022 and is subject to change

More Information about Home Workout Equipment at Nordic Lifting.


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