Net Zero launches new interview with Omnia El Omrani, first official Youth Envoy for COP, on UN climate negotiations and youth activism

New York, May 2nd, 2023

The Net Zero #video series, created by youth to educate and inform the public about climate change and our transition to a Net Zero world, has launched a new episode featuring Omnia El Omrani, the first official Youth Envoy for COP27. In the interview, climate activist Philo Magdalene explores the challenges facing progress towards achieving Net Zero and the role of youth activism in bridging the implementation gap that follows COP conferences.

One of the key insights from the interview is the need for appropriate climate finance that works equally towards mitigation, adaptation, and loss and damage. Omnia El Omrani stresses that »we need not only action but financial mechanisms to really provide and help countries to recover and build back from the impact of climate we see more than ever.« The interview also discusses the provision for funding to support developing countries vulnerable to climate change and how to make COP conferences more accessible to younger generations.

The Net Zero video series features interviews with climate scientists, activists, policymakers, and business leaders, providing insights and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the Net Zero transition. By bringing together experts and youth activists, the series aims to inspire action and drive progress towards a sustainable future.

Watch the new Net Zero Show with Omnia El Omrani

The Protect Our Planet Movement in association with Planet Classroom has launched the acclaimed Net Zero video and podcast series in which 24 youth climate activists from the Protect Our Planet (POP) Movement in association with Planet Classroom ask international thought leaders working on the environment the big questions as to how their nations are progressing towards their 2050 #Net #Zero #pledges.

About the Protect Our Planet Movement

The Protect Our Planet (POP) Movement is an initiative designed to address the urgent need to share information and knowledge with the youth on solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN, mitigate climate change, and adapt to its growing impacts. Intended to ultimately reach the size, scale, and momentum to become a global movement, POP mobilizes the youth worldwide to take collective action needed to mitigate climate change and protect threatened ecosystems.

About the #Planet #Classroom #Network

The Planet Classroom Network, organized by »CMRubinWorld«, brings together musicians, dancers, video game creators, filmmakers, activists, learning innovators, and emerging technologists from around the world to entertain, educate and engage youth, and to provide a rich cultural experience for all. Content showcased for youth and by youth on the Planet Classroom Network is provided by 30 cultural organizations from around the world. Young people globally played a significant role in conceptualizing, creating, and producing the network’s vision and programming.