8 cheap hacks to help banish spiders from your home

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is the best option, mainly because it has been scientifically proven to repel spiders. This is due to the fact that spiders smell through their legs, so as soon as they are hit with that overpowering scent of peppermint, they will flee because the smell is too strong for them.

We would recommend mixing peppermint oil with water in a spray bottle and then spraying the areas of your home that you have noticed to be susceptible to spiders. However, because peppermint oil is toxic to pets, we recommend avoiding this method if you have any furry friends. 

Cost: € 2.34

White Vinegar

White vinegar is another excellent natural spider repellent because it contains acetic acid, to which spiders are extremely sensitive. It’s also something which most people already have in the cupboard at home, isn’t toxic to pets and doesn’t have any harmful effects. 

We recommend spraying half water, half vinegar over windows, your kitchen, and other entrances where bugs and spiders could be sneaking in.

Cost: € 0.37


Chestnuts are another natural spider repellent that may surprise you. It has been said that chestnuts repel spiders because they contain a natural oil that deter them so placing a few around your home or in your windows can prevent these eight-legged pests from entering. 

Chestnuts typically harvest from mid-September through to November in the UK, so make sure you’re on the lookout during these months so you can collect some for yourself!

Cost: € 3.37 or collect them outside for free!

Light candles

Lighting candles can also keep spiders away from your home. This is mainly due to the spiders not liking a lot of different smells such as lemon, cinnamon, and citronella, they also dislike the smell of smoke, so blowing these candles out will also help keep them away. 

Putting candles on windowsills is probably the best option for placement as windows are a hotspot for spiders entering, you should also keep the candles out of reach from children to avoid any potential hazards.

Cost: € 1.89


Citrus fruits are extremely repulsive to spiders. Citrus, like peppermint, has a strong repellent effect on spiders, so mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with water and spray it around your home to keep them at bay. 

Wiping orange peels on your windows and doorways is another effective method to keep them out of your house.

Cost: € 0.37 

Fill in any cracks in your house

Spiders enter the home through gaps under doors and around windows, so make sure the window frames are properly sealed. To keep them out, you could also try installing excluder strips at the bottoms of doors. 

Although this task requires some DIY, it is a very simple task that can be a more permanent solution than some of the other methods because it stops spiders at the source.

Cost: € 3.84

Turn off your outdoor lights

Although bright lights do not directly attract spiders, they do attract the various bugs and insects that spiders feed on, such as flies, moths, and mosquitos. 

Therefore you should turn off your outdoor lights; you will be removing the spiders’ direct food source, making them less likely to come close to your home in the first place.

Cost: Free

Keeping your house clean and tidy

Another thing you can do to keep spiders at bay is keep your house clean and tidy. Cobwebs will appear if your house is left unkempt and leaving items such as food out on the counter will attract flies and other bugs into your home, attracting hungry spiders. 

They are also drawn to dark, cluttered environments, so make sure to dust on a regular basis and remove any piles of boxes or other household items.

Cost: Free

End of Tenancy’s Ivan Ivanov shared his thoughts on preventing and repelling spiders from entering your home:

While most spiders prefer to stay outside and are completely harmless to humans, some do seek refuge in the warmth of our homes. As previously stated, you will most likely see more spiders in and around your home during the autumn months as the weather cools and they look for a mate.

Although spiders can be frightening when they appear in your home, they are relatively easy to remove if you know how. It’s always worth attempting to keep your removal techniques eco-friendly and low-cost, and it’s important to remember that it’s easier to prevent spiders from entering your home by regularly cleaning and tidying your home or sealing windows than it is to repel them with various oils or candles.

* prices of products sourced from Tesco and Amazon