Sandi Hammons, Founder of Premier Pigments, Pays Tribute to Ivana Trump

  • Permanent makeup pioneer, Sandi Hammons, pays tribute to luminary Ivana Trump

Dallas, July 17, 2022

Permanent makeup pioneer, founder of Premier Pigments, real etate developer and celebrity cosmetic tattoo artist, Sandi Hammons, commented on the life and untimely death of fellow beauty, media and real estate entrepreneur, Ivana Trump.

Ivana Trump died at the age of 73 on July 14, 2022, due to injuries she sustained after apparently falling on a spiral staircase inside her New York townhouse.

Ivana Trump was the first wife of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States.

Sandi Hammons was first introduced to Ivana in 2004 after Hammons gained notoriety and amassed a fortune with her cosmetics business. A casting producer for Trump’s reality TV project Ivana Young Man approached Hammons about an appearance on the show. “They were looking for a successful businesswoman to star in the then-named show: The Ivana Trump Project.” Ivana’s first foray into reality television premiered two years after her former husband, Donald Trump launched his wildly successful show, The Apprentice.

Sandi Hammons: “I respected Ivana as a strong and brilliant businesswoman. More impressive than her real estate and beauty business ventures, was her courage, at a young age, to move from Czechoslovakia to Austria, then Canada and ultimately the US. It was that same courage that enabled her to navigate and succeed in the male-dominated real estate environment throughout the 80s and 90s.”

Ivana Trump’s greatest legacy is her children: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump, who are each successful in their own right. Like her mother, Ivanka Trump gracefully commands high profile arenas on the world stage. “My admiration for Ivana is endless and my sincere condolences to her ninety-six year old mother, Marie, and to her smart, beautiful children and grandchildren.”

Hammons, founder of the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics and Premier Pigments, pioneered the permanent makeup industry in the late 80s and became the go-to permanent makeup artist for many notable celebrities. 

Hammons rose to prominence after pioneering the permanent makeup (aka cosmetic tattoo, microblading) industry in the late 80’s, generating millions of dollars. She became the go-to permanent makeup artist for many notable celebrities with an impressive client base including Michael Jackson, among others. She went on to create several reality TV mini-series, including So You Think You Can Sell and The VP Contest. She also produced The Permanent Makeup Apprentice.