Is This The World’s Most Eligible Bachelor? (Could You Be His Mrs Right?)

Daniel Chidiac ticks all the boxes. He’s good looking, in tune with his spirituality and successful—the author of two best-sellers who has generated millions so far in book sales.

 Daniel is single and hasn’t found his perfect partner, yet.

 Ever since a pivotal moment when a lecture at university made him realise that he wanted to be more than average, Daniel’s focus has been on his work. He tried online dating from time to time. But like a lot of people, it wasn’t for him. “I have always pushed out the idea of being in a relationship because I have felt that this is something that I had to do, to stay focused on my work and goals”, Chidiac says.

Writing fulfilled him for a very long time. “I just wanted to be happy in every moment. I realised how much my thoughts had in shaping my life and I started feeling fulfilled. I started appreciating the little things. I started writing down what I was discovering within myself and I became addicted to writing. I would literally wake up at 3am when I had work the next day and would have to write because it was pouring out of me. I was never a writer, but I wanted to get these thoughts out.”

Daniel worked long hours marketing his second book and organising publishing rights worldwide. The Modern Break-Up amassed over 5,000 reviews on Amazon during the Covid years with fans calling it, “The most relatable novel they have ever read.”

 Ironically, it’s a book about love, “a novel full of truths about dating, separations and love: direct, raw and damn revealing,” according to its reviews. The gripping fiction has become “the bible” among celebrities throughout the world. Helping them to move on from relationships that were wrong to ones that are right for them.

Since getting out of #Covid lockdowns, and now being able to travel again, as a 34-year-old, Daniel is now thinking it would be great to have someone by his side to experience life with. “I have always been content not being in a relationship, and I do always preach that you need to be happy with yourself first, but just recently I have started thinking, what if?” Daniel says.

Daniel shares the five things he would love in his ideal partner …

  1. Someone who loves to travel

  2. Both be equally supportive of each other’s goals

  3. Be able to express themselves openly

  4. Family-orientated

  5. Happy to be who they are, not trying to be someone else