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Nintendo Switch Download News June 23rd 2022

Highlights this week include: “Fall Guys” (release), “Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes” (release) and “Sonic Origins Digital Deluxe” (release).

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Nintendo Switch Download News June 23rd 2022

Nintendo Switch Download News June 23rd 2022

Highlights this week include: “Fall Guys” (release), “Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes” (release) and “Sonic Origins Digital Deluxe” (release)

“Fall Guys” (Epic Games)

“Fall Guys” is a free, cross-platform, massively multiplayer, party royale game where you and your fellow contestants compete through escalating rounds of absurd obstacle course chaos until one lucky victor remains!

Set in Fódlan, a land governed by three powers, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes takes the world and characters of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and spins a new tale.

Enjoy fights that fuse action and tactics. Directly control characters and mow down hordes of enemies in intense Warriors action, while giving orders to allies. Think tactically as you decide where to advance, based on the state of the battlefield. Between battles, interact with charming characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

What awaits in this as-yet unseen story? Will it be hope … or despair?

“Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes” (Nintendo)

Relive the classic collected adventures of “Sonic The Hedgehog”, “Sonic The Hedgehog 2”, “Sonic 3 & Knuckles”, and “Sonic CD” in the newly remastered Sonic Origins! From the iconic “Green Hill Zone” to the treacherous “Death Egg Robot”, you'll speed down memory lane to thwart the sinister plans of Doctor Robotnik in polished high definition! This latest version includes new areas to explore, exclusive animations, and a brand new Anniversary mode!

“Sonic Origins Digital Deluxe” includes the Premium Fun Pack plus Classic Music Pack, featuring Hard Missions, Letterbox Background, Bonus Character Animations in-menu & music player, and additional re-mastered music tracks.

“ElecHead” (NamaTakahashi)

In a world enshrouded by darkness, deep inside a factory, the light of hope still shines. “ElecHead” has you play as Elec, a small robot on a mission to bring light back to the world. When Elec touches walls, floors, platforms, switches, and more, he makes electricity run through them, activating them. He can also detach and throw his head to trigger things remotely, but be careful: if he doesn't get his head back within ten seconds, he will shut down. Elec will have to use his head, literally and figuratively, to find a way out of this trap-ridden facility.

“Capcom Fighting Collection” (Capcom)

Ten of Capcom’s most popular arcade games in one bumper collection! A wide variety of titles are included from series such as Street Fighter and Darkstalkers, Cyberbots, and the first home console port of Red Earth! And of course, all titles support online play! This is the perfect collection for both arcade veterans who remember the titles, and those who want to get into them for the first time!

“Roller Champions” (Ubisoft)

Skate, tackle, and roll your way up to glory in “Roller Champions”. Discover a free-to-play, team PvP sports game like no other! Welcome to 2032. Arenas are built all over the world and fans rush to the stands to admire their modern-day heroes, the Roller Champions. They roll up to 100 miles an hour, tackle opponents, wall-skate, and dunk while thousands of fans scream their names.

As a Roller Champion, compete in a team of three against three. The rules are simple: take the ball, make a lap while maintaining team-possession, dodge opponents and score. Go for more points by completing additional laps before attempting a goal. After each match, gain fans to compete in bigger arenas. Customize characters and create a unique destiny.

“Milky Way Prince—The Vampire Star” (Fantastico Studio)

Live a summer of dysfunctional love through branching storylines, twists, sudden changes, and a special mechanic where you choose which senses to use with your boyfriend. In these moments, you will learn about him, his personality, and his past, making you question everything.

“Wreckfest” (THQ Nordic)

“Wreckfest” is jam-packed with upgrade and customization options. Whether you are preparing for your next demolition derby with reinforced bumpers, roll cages, side protectors and much more, or setting your car up for a banger race with engine performance parts like air filters, camshafts, fuel systems, etc., Wreckfest is shaping up to be the best combative motorsport game out there.

For all Nintendo Switch titles currently on sale, please visit the Nintendo eShop Sale website.  Keep up to date with all the official Nintendo announcements and exclusive new game information by following the official Nintendo of Europe Twitter feed @NintendoEurope.

About Nintendo eShop

Nintendo eShop is an online shop for downloadable content on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Users can download both retail and download-only games and free game demos as well as watch the latest trailers for new and upcoming titles. Funds to purchase software can be added using a credit card or through Nintendo eShop cards which can be found at select retail stores. In Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS family systems and Wii U, classic games of past systems can be downloaded as Virtual Console titles and users can see users' reviews and download rankings.

About Nintendo

Nintendo Co., Ltd., headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, has created franchises that have become household names worldwide, including “Mario”, “Donkey Kong”, “The Legend of Zelda”, “Metroid”, “Pokémon”, “Animal Crossing”, “Pikmin” and “Splatoon”, through its integrated hardware and software products. Nintendo aims to deliver unique, intuitive entertainment experiences for everyone, manufacturing and marketing video game devices such as the #Nintendo #Switch family of systems, developing and operating applications for smart devices, and collaborating with partners on a range of other entertainment initiatives like visual content and theme parks. Nintendo has sold more than 5.3 billion video games and over 800 million hardware units globally. From the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System more than 30 years ago, through today and into the future, Nintendo’s continuing mission is to create unique entertainment that puts smiles on the faces of people all over the world. A wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of Europe, based in Frankfurt, Germany, serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in Europe. For more information about Nintendo of Europe, please visit the company’s website. 

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