Yellowstone Day Tours Able to Take Guests to Yellowstone without a Reservation Once Park Reopens

  • Following the Yellowstone flood, commercial tours like Yellowstone Day Tours will not need a reservation to take guests into Yellowstone Park.

Jackson, Wyoming, June 18, 2022

As #Yellowstone #National #Park works to reopen after devastating flooding this week, at Yellowstone Day Tours their thoughts and concern are with the communities in North Yellowstone who have been directly impacted by the flooding.

Fortunately, during the flooding on Monday, Yellowstone Day Tours had guides in the Park who were able to calmly navigate the situation. As one guest Merilyn Jonaitis shared: “It was evident that after entering the park that something was going on. The water levels were alarming and roads began to close but Nick stayed calm. He collected information from his colleagues whenever we had cell phone reception and continued on to experience the whole lower loop without issues.”

In the aftermath, they are working hard to serve their guides, guests and fellow tour operators by staying informed and planning for the reopening. At a meeting with Yellowstone staff, it was announced that when the park opens there will be some type of reservation system in place for public travel. This is to prevent the park from being overwhelmed and ensure there is enough infrastructure in place to handle the increase in guests. 

The good news is that commercial tour operators like Yellowstone Day Tours will be able to take guests on guided tours without the need for a reservation. For this reason and to navigate the anticipated increase in visitors, visiting the park with a guide is highly recommended.

The majority of the damage to the park occurred in the Upper Loop of Yellowstone, while the Lower Loop-which includes Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Yellowstone Lake and many more well-known features was largely undamaged.

As of today, all park entrances are closed at least through June 20th, according to the Park Service. 

Grand Teton National Park, south of Yellowstone, was not impacted in any way and tours are running through this park as normal. Many guests are choosing to transfer their registrations from a Yellowstone tour to a Grand Teton Tour while the park is still closed. 

If you need assistance in making your Yellowstone or Grand Teton tour plans, reach out to Yellowstone Day Tours for guidance or recommendations to maximize your time in the parks. 

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